Linear Technology

USB µmodule transceiver protects systems with galvanic isolation

Linear Technology’s LTM2894 is a USB µModule (micromodule) reinforced isolator that guards against ground-to-ground voltage differentials and large common mode transients. A rugged

Products | 24-11-2016

Step-down regulator suited to applications such as automotive always-on systems

Linear Technology have announced the LT8630, a 600mA, 100V input capable synchronous step-down switching regulator. Synchronous rectification delivers efficiency as high as 93% whi

Products | 22-11-2016

Low EMI isolated transceiver guards against large ground-to-ground differentials

Linear Technology has introduced the LTM2885, an isolated RS485 µModule transceiver for guarding against large ground-to-ground differentials. Many industrial, utility, medical, mi

Products | 17-11-2016

Monolithic synchronous buck-boost DC-DC converter delivers high efficiency

Linear Technology’s LTC3119 is a synchronous current mode monolithic buck-boost converter that delivers up to 5A of continuous output current in buck mode from a wide variety of in

Products | 16-11-2016

Common-mode difference amplifier with integrated precision matched resistors

Linear Technology has introduced the LT6375, a unity-gain difference amplifier with integrated precision matched resistors, which precisely level shifts and buffers small differenc

Products | 13-01-2016

New 2A single-inductor bidirectional backup supply delivers during supply disruption

Linear Technology has introduced the LTC3643, a new bidirectional, high-voltage boost capacitor charger that automatically converts to a buck regulator for system backup. The propr

Power | 06-01-2016

Buck-boost DC-DC converter for low-power wireless sensor applications

New from Linear Technology, the LTC3106 is a highly-integrated 1.6µA quiescent current 300mV start-up buck-boost DC-DC converter with PowerPath management, optimized for multisourc

Products | 15-12-2015

Low-power precision differential amplifier drives 20-bit ADCs

A new low-power high-precision fully-differential amplifier, optimized for driving high performance 16-, 18- and 20-bit SAR and ?S ADCs, the LTC6363 has been unveiled by Linear Tec

Products | 28-09-2015

High-speed LVDS output comparator capable of toggle rates up to 890Mbps

A new high-speed LVDS output comparator capable of toggle rates up to 890Mbps, the LTC6754 has been introduced by Linear Technology. The high-speed device operates with only 1.8ns

Products | 24-09-2015

Versatile synchronous buck battery charger controller offers up to 20A charge current

A new highly-integrated high-voltage multi-chemistry synchronous step-down battery charger controller, with onboard telemetry functions, the LTC4015 has been introduced by Linear T

Products | 16-07-2015

High-efficiency LTPoE++ PD controllers integrate forward / fly-back controller

Aimed at applications requiring 2W to 90W of delivered power, Linear Technology has introduced the LT4276 LTPoE++, PoE+ and PoE-compliant powered device (PD) interface controllers.

Products | 08-07-2015

New 60V dual-output step-down controller with adjustable 5V / 10V gate drive

Linear Technology has introduced the LTC3892, a new high-voltage dual output synchronous step-down DC-DC controller that draws only 29µA when one output is active and 34µA when bot

Products | 17-04-2015

Synchronous step-down LED driver delivers up to 40A for high-current LEDs

Linear Technology has unveiled the LT3744, a new synchronous step-down DC-DC converter designed to deliver constant current to drive high current LEDs. The device's 3.3V to 36V

Products | 27-03-2015

High input voltage isolated fly-back DC-DC controller for tough environments

Linear Technology has announced a new military MP grade version of the LT3748, a high input voltage isolated fly-back DC-DC controller. The device simplifies the design of an isola

Products | 19-03-2015