Rail-to-rail op amps feature precision and power efficiency

02-03-2017 | Linear Technology | Power

Linear Technology has introduced the LTC6258/59/60 and LTC6261/62/63, single/dual/quad op amps, extending its line of power efficient, low noise, precision operational amplifiers. These devices are part of a family of power efficient op amps ranging from 1.3MHz GBW product at 20µA supply current to 720MHz GBW product at 3.3mA supply current. The latest family members operate on 1.8V to 5.25V supply, feature rail-to-rail inputs and outputs, and include versions with shutdown mode, further reducing power consumption during periods of inactivity. Input offset voltage is just 400µV max. The devices are fully specified over the industrial (I) (–40C to 85C) and extended (H) (–40C to 125C) temperature ranges. With supply current of only 20µA per amplifier, the devices achieve 1.3MHz gain bandwidth product and 240V/ms slew rate. They include input EMI filters which provide 45dB rejection at 1GHz. They are stable for any gain and with any capacitive load. The devices achieve 30MHz GBW product and 7V/µs slew rate, drawing just 240µA per amplifier. Wideband voltage noise is just 13nV/vHz. They are stable for any gain and for capacitive loads up to 1nF.

By Craig Dyball