Metal composite power inductors for automotive applications

KEMET Corporation has released a new family of metal composite power inductors to meet the stringent requirements of the automotive market. The MPXV product providing enhances the

Automotive & Transport | 20-03-2020

Metallised polypropylene film capacitors offer a high-power density solution

KEMET Corporation has launched the R41T, and R76H series AEC-Q200 qualified metallised polypropylene film capacitors. This series grows on the company’s expertise in power manageme

Passives | 03-02-2020

New inductor range addresses power density and efficiency challenges

KEMET Corporation has launched a new series of SMD metal composite power inductors. Devices in the new METCOM series are perfect for producing more efficient DC to DC switching pow

Passives | 27-06-2019

Tantalum polymer capacitors set new performance benchmarks in automotive and super computing

KEMET has expanded the temperature ability of T598 devices, a first-to-market Tantalum Polymer Surface Mount Capacitor. These devices uniquely satisfy the stringent demands and new

Passives | 14-06-2019

New generation of electromechanical polymer-film haptic actuators

Kemet has announced a collaboration to develop next-generation electromechanical polymer (EMP) film-based haptic actuators for wearable devices. Novasentis will provide the core te

Design & Manufacture | 18-04-2016

Latest radial-leaded MLCCs offer high performance in tough environments

Kemet has announced the expansion of its high-voltage Goldmax radial-leaded multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) product line to include a new 630VDC rating as well as leading capac

Products | 22-07-2015