Programmable DC power supply offers high power density and output power

01-03-2021 | Intepro | Power

Intepro Systems has added the ADG-P Programmable DC Power Supply range to its power supply offerings. The device offers high power density and output power, up to 100kW, in units that can be used as a standalone system or extended by parallel connections. Providing a wide voltage and current range, the device is an excellent solution for Renewable Energy, Smart Grid, and EV applications.

The new series has industry-leading performance on ripple, response time, and voltage regulation. Intuitive local control by a 5" easy to use touchscreen and free, user-friendly remote-control software simplifies systems integration. The device operates in constant voltage, constant current and constant power modes with remote sensing for output line voltage drop compensation. It is fully protected against over and under voltage, over current, overpower protection and over-temperature protection.

“The ADG-P series offers up to 100kW in a single unit, reducing the risk of interference from parallel connection signals as seen on other units requiring multi-unit parallel connections.” According to Joe Engler, one of Intepro’s lead engineers.

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