Custom designed fuel battery and fuse tester

06-01-2022 | Intepro | Test & Measurement

Intepro Systems provide a complete set of test services for the battery and semiconductor industries, comprising cell and battery testers up to 2MW and battery simulators for research and OEMs in the EV, aerospace industry and others. As well as fuel cell and EV Drive test systems, the company can offer turnkey test solutions for batteries, drives and green energy, and customised hardware and software solutions with low cost of ownership and global support.

The company's integrated test systems use the latest regenerative technologies, which can provide up to 95% of energy output throughout testing back to the factory grid decreasing overall energy costs. Test systems can be employed for new battery development and life testing to determine useful life in primary applications and unlock options for later re-purposing as energy storage for renewable energy generating systems and power walls.

Products available comprise bi-directional DC power supplies and auto-ranging sources up to 1.9MW, programmable AC sources and regenerative sources up to 2MW. Programmable AC sources and regenerative loads up to 2MVA, programmable loads up to 1.9MW and regenerative DC loads up to 1.9MW.

The company provides test system users 'Programming without Coding' from its PowerStar software, which offers drag and drop sequencing for more than 100 tests and provides built-in obsolesce management.

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