New connector preserves high performance in vibration environments

Hirose has developed the FX26, a high contact reliability connector with a -40C to 140C operating temperature, that preserves high performance in vibration environments, including

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 28-05-2019

High current industrial push-on bayonet lock connector gives superior waterproofing and dust ingress

HIROSE Electric Co. Ltd offers its new robust lightweight circular EM30M Series. The series is perfect for connecting medical equipment, wind power generation systems, and factory

Products | 11-03-2019

Industrial series I/O connector offers design flexibility for next-generation industrial modules

Hirose has expanded its rugged ix industrial connector family to include a vertical receptacle. The ix80 Series vertical receptacle gives design flexibility for manufacturers of ne

Products | 08-02-2019

Small high performing power connectors for industrial applications

HIROSE has launched the EF1 series to meet the demand for smaller yet higher performing power connectors for industrial applications. The series comprises of a DIN rail mount t

Products | 18-12-2018

Micro pitch board-to-board connector delivers high transmission speeds

Hirose has developed a miniature board-to-board connector that couples a rugged design with high-speed transmission speeds of more than 10Gpbs to sustain some industrial applicatio

Products | 06-08-2018

Space-saving FPC connector combines low-insertion force with high-retention force

Hirose has developed a compact, flexible printed circuit (FPC) connector with a single-action lock designed for automatic assembly. Also, to simplify assembly, the space-saving FH6

Products | 29-06-2018

Hirose -I/O connector designed for next-generation industrial modules

Hirose has increased its rugged ix Industrial Series product with an insulation displacement connector (IDC) plug assembly for faster installation and a 'B' Key version for non-Eth

Products | 05-06-2018

Active optical cable provides power and signal transmission through hybrid system

Hirose has designed an intrafacility fibre cable (IFC) assembly system that maintains bidirectional optical transmission of 6.25Gbps and unidirection up to 12.5Gbps (6.25Gbps x 2ch

Products | 14-05-2018

Space-saving connector family with top-mount connector and plug assembly

Hirose has added a top-mount version to its compact USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C connector family. This rugged USB connector comes with a small PCB footprint. Created for electronic devices

Products | 26-03-2018

Miniature active optical connector family reduces PCB mounting space

Hirose has designed a unidirectional active optical connector system with built-in E/O on the Tx (transmit) end and an O/E on the Rx (receiver) end. The system converts balanced hi

Products | 13-03-2018

High-temperature FPC/FFC connector for automotive applications and more

Hirose has developed a rugged FPC/FFC that offers high-heat resistance for harsh environment applications. With an operating temperature of up to 105C, the FH63 Series satisfies se

Products | 05-03-2018

Compact I/O connector provides PCB space savings of up to 75%

Hirose has developed a rugged I/O connector that merges a small, robust design with high-speed data transmission capabilities that allows industrial equipment improvements in smart

Products | 04-12-2017

Low-profile FPC connector delivers high-speed transmission for consumer electronic devices

Hirose has developed a lightweight, miniature FPC connector for portable electronic devices that require high-speed transmission. The FH53M Series FPC connector preserves valuable

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 01-12-2017

Enhanced rated current value of popular connectors

Hirose has enhanced its extensive power product offering by expanding the current rating of 17 popular connectors. The higher current carrying capability allows their power connect

Products | 27-09-2017