Low profile heat resistant power connectors for automotive applications

16-04-2020 | Hirose | Automotive & Transport

Hirose Electric has introduced the HVH-280 Series power connectors for automotive applications.

The series are low profile connectors with a three-point high-pressure female contact design that allows a high current capacity of 30A. There are two versions offered which are waterproof or non-waterproof.

The series is created with heat resistant materials to endure severe temperature environments; the non-waterproof version can resist temperature ranges up to 125C and 120C for the waterproof version. With this heat resistance capability, the connector meets the demands of rigorous automotive conditions.

Along with heat resistance, the series incorporates features which enable a reliable insertion of the contact and the provision of strong vibration resistance. The non-waterproof version is provided with a retainer which assures that the contacts are accurately assembled into the connector housing. The waterproof version is provided with a CPA which makes an accidental unmating of the connector impossible. Only by intentional activating of this CPA with a tool like a screwdriver, the main locking mechanism will be operational again.

Suitable applications are converters, inverters, positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heaters, on-board charger, distribution boards and robot controller units.

By Natasha Shek