Pitch of miniature backflip FPC connector reduced

07-04-2021 | Hirose | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Hirose has released a new miniature backflip FPC connector that further reduces PCB mounting area demands in portable and consumer electronics. Providing a reduced pitch of just 0.35mm x 0.9mm (h) x 3mm mounting depth, the TF42 Series consolidates a small size with superior retention force. The unique backflip design offers a superior FPC retention force compared to front flip connectors.

With the backflip design, the actuator is closed and shielded before being mounted to the PCB board, and the contact gap for FPC insertion is secured despite the actuator operation. A side catcher simplifies installation by briefly giving stable FPC retention for easy and accurate FPC positioning. An over-mould design assures no contacts are exposed on the bottom side of the connector when installing. Providing PCB design flexibility, the board area under the connector is available for PCB traces.

The series has an FPC retention force in the horizontal position of 11.7N and an 11N retention force in the vertical position.

“Compared to front flip connectors, the TF42 Series backflip connector offers a higher retention force and exceptional protection during installation. When a front flip FPC is pulled vertically, the actuator can be easily opened and damaged. The TF42 backflip FPC actuator exhibits superior retention force with an 80% improvement in retention force over a comparable front flip connector when pulled vertically,” said Mark Kojak, VP of sales and marketing for Hirose Electric USA.

The compact FPC connector series is ideal for an extensive range of portable and consumer electronic applications, including smartphones, action notebooks and tablets, cameras and video recorders, smart home devices like AI speakers and security camera doorbells, handheld gaming systems, portable music players, and medical devices that experience shock and vibration.

By Natasha Shek