Optical circular connector combines a high pin count with small size

Hirose has developed a compact, waterproof optical connector with a built-in MT (mechanical transfer) ferrule. The waterproof (IP67-rated) MF11BMT Series circular connector offers

Products | 13-09-2017

Board-to-board connector features structure that absorbs alignment errors

Hirose has launched an SMT board-to-board connector that utilizes a unique three-piece floating contact system to simplify assembly and support high-speed transmission capability u

Products | 22-08-2017

FFC/FPC connectors ideal for industrial and automotive applications

Hirose has introduced the FH63 series range of flat flexible circuit/ flat printed circuit (FFC/FPC) connectors to allow automated insertion of a FFC/FPC, ideal for industrial and

Products | 17-07-2017

High reliability FPC connector delivers space saving design for consumer electronic devices

Hirose has developed a compact FPC connector offering a very low-profile of only 0.5mm with a space-saving 0.25mm pitch and depth of 3.15mm when locked. The FH64MA Series offers a

Products | 03-07-2017

LED lighting module connector offers a more reliable termination

Hirose has launched a user-friendly, wire-to-board connector for LED lighting module applications. The KN27 series was developed to replace traditional terminal blocks in LED light

Products | 11-05-2017

Hirose – New board-to-board connector for the industrial, medical, telecommunication and other markets

Hirose has launched a versatile board-to-board connector system that combines specialized floating contact alignment with a high-current carrying capability up to 25Amps. Part of t

Products | 02-05-2017

Versatile FPC connector supports transmission speeds up to 10Gbps

Hirose has launched a new low-profile FPC connector that supports FPC applications in a small package, and operates at USB 3.1 gen 2 speeds up to 10Gbps. The DF40GL Series is ideal

Products | 28-03-2017

New high-current power connector simplifies installation and maintenance

Hirose has launched a new high-current power supply connector with a snap-lock mechanism that ensures a safe and secure connection. Available in panel mount and DIN rail versions,

Products | 22-03-2017

New miniature connector simplifies PCB layout reducing labour and assembly time

Hirose has developed a serial digital interface (SDI) compliant connector that supports high transmission speeds up to 12Gbps. The miniature BNC75 Series radio frequency (RF) conne

Products | 21-03-2017

Ultra low-profile connector designed for wide range of consumer and portable power supply applications

Hirose has created an ultra low-profile wire-to-board power connector that enables the continued miniaturization of consumer and portable electronic devices. With a pitch of only 1

Products | 14-03-2017

Hirose – New low profile, wire-to-board connectors for power supplies

Hirose has introduced the DF58 series to deliver a space-saving, low profile, Wire-to-Board connectivity solution for miniature applications. The connector range consists of crimp

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 09-02-2017

Rugged I/O connector offers 3Gbps transmission speeds for next-generation industrial modules

Hirose has developed a rugged I/O connector with an innovative space-saving design that enables a size reduction of industrial modules. The IX Series connector provides a space sav

Products | 01-02-2017

Miniature connectors offer robust, high power space-saving solution

Hirose has introduced the BM29 series of connectors to provide a robust, high power and space-saving connectivity solution for miniature applications. The range of connectors consi

Products | 12-12-2016

Compact future Ethernet Interface born from collaboration

As a response to the challenging and increasing demand for global digitalisation, Hirose and Harting have combined their strengths. The result of this joint effort is the ix Indust

Products | 10-11-2016