Flexible platform combines SMT assembly and die processing

06-12-2023 | ASMPT | Semiconductors

The SIPLACE TX micron answers the challenges manufacturers face in SiP production. The flexible platform incorporates the speed of SMT assembly with the complexity of die processing. ASMPT has greatly improved the new version of the pick-and-place machine in terms of speed and placement accuracy, as well as transport and processing options. The hybrid system provides electronics manufacturers greater flexibility and significant competitive advantages for their Intelligent Factory.

The platform satisfies the tough industrial requirements of the industry. After a further increase in the machine's precision, three accuracy classes are now obtainable for advanced packaging applications in a single machine: 10, 15 and 20 microns, each with a process stability of 3 sigma. Despite its improved basic accuracy from 25 to 20 microns, the machine achieves a placement speed of 93,000 cph – an increase of 14% compared to the previous 20-micron class of the platform. With its maximum placement accuracy of 10 microns, the machine can process an outstanding 62,000 components per hour, even in mixed SiP applications.

With its larger vacuum tooling, the platform can now process substrates measuring up to 300mm x 240mm with an accuracy of 15 microns @ 3σ. The new high-resolution SST54 circuit board camera has improved lighting performance for smaller structures, fiducials, and barcodes.

With the Long Board Option, the platform can process PCBs measuring up to 590mm x 460mm (23.2" x 18.1"). Also new is an optional multi-purpose conveyor system that lets regular PCBs with carriers up to 20.5mm high or curvatures and J-boats and JEDEC trays to be used as carriers. Customers who manufacture for highly demanding customers, like those in the automobile industry, will appreciate the optional level of traceability directly from the tape.

Unchanged in the new version are established features such as the cost-saving detection of damaged or unusable components and the high-resolution component vision system with blue light that enhances the image contrast, especially for fine structures and balls. The platform is also certified in accordance with ISO Class 7 cleanroom requirements and Semi S2/S8.

"ASMPT's product portfolio covers a wide range of areas for processing dies as well as SMT components," explains Sylvester Demmel, senior product manager at ASMPT. "To meet the changing market requirements, it was only logical for us to combine these two worlds in one machine, thus giving electronics manufacturers the opportunity to benefit from more flexibility and economic advantages for their Intelligent Factory. With its high precision and maximum placement speeds, the new SIPLACE TX micron is a future-proof investment that is profitable."

By Seb Springall