High-speed camera production system has lens assembly and alignment in one

08-12-2023 | ASMPT | Test & Measurement

CMAT-S is an all-in-one system for assembling and dynamically aligning lenses in ADAS cameras. With this machine, ASMPT AEi presents a powerful implementation of its patented Continuous Sweep Alignment process, greatly improving the system's throughput without compromising the quality of cameras installed in ADAS. The system's main advantage is its ability to lessen the process cycle time by 50% in the same footprint.

The system aligns lenses for ADAS cameras with an exceptional speed of only ten seconds and below per camera. It uses a proprietary and patented algorithm for its active alignments. Unlike conventional systems that rely on static positioning during image acquisition, the system takes advantage of the continuous movement of the target object during the imaging process. This dynamic approach improves the precision and speed of the alignment process. The result is a uniform focus across the complete field of view. To quickly lock the aligned lens in position, the machine is equipped with an innovative UV curing system with partial curing times of as little as one second for certain camera modules.

"Our innovations are primarily aimed at the large-scale production of cameras in automobiles, a market segment that is rapidly growing with the increasing introduction of advanced driver assistance systems. Our efforts underscore our unwavering commitment to efficiency and excellence in automotive camera manufacturing," says Jean-Marc Peallat, general manager at ASMPT AEi.

By Seb Springall