New solder paste printer provides more flexibility

22-08-2022 | ASMPT | Subs & Systems

DEK TQ series from ASMPT provides precision, processing speed and floorspace performance. For even more flexibility in the processing of large circuit boards, the new model, the DEK TQ L, is for boards measuring up to 600mm x 510mm. The new solder paste printer also sets more performance records and offers many features for ASMPT's Open Automation concept in the Integrated Smart Factory.

With an alignment accuracy of ±12.5microns @ 2Cmk and wet printing accuracy of ±17microns @ 2Cpk, the machines are among the most precise paste printers available. The new DEK TQ L was also created in accordance with its motto of “Maximum performance and flexibility in the smallest footprint”. As a highlight, users can place two machines back-to-back to double their line's productivity with no increase its length.

The new model provides electronics manufacturers new degrees of freedom for printing larger boards with dimensions of up to 600mm x 510mm – 90% more than the DEK TQ. The printable area, which measures 560mm x 510mm, is 78% larger. With a three-stage conveyor, it can process boards that are up to 345mm long (DEK TQ: 250mm).

Despite the increase in board size, the core cycle time maximum is just 6.5 seconds in three-stage operation (DEK TQ: five seconds). The machine delivers these values with features such as high-precision linear drives, a new off-belt printing process, innovative clamping systems, an advanced print head, and the unique ASMPT NuMotion controller with fiber-optic cabling. In addition, the efficient high-speed understencil cleaning system with its own linear drives cleans up to 50% faster than traditional systems. Due to the up to more than 90% larger PCB surfaces, the USC can be equipped with three different and easily exchangeable fabric roll sizes.

“With the DEK TQ L, we offer users even more flexibility for opening up new business areas and expanding their production with the precision, performance and quality they are used to, and all of this with an unprecedented level of floorspace performance,” explains Jens Katschke, senior process solutions manager at ASMPT. “With their various modules for custom-tailored automation, the new-generation DEK TQ printers are the ideal machines for SMT manufacturers who prefer open, non-proprietary solutions for building their Integrated Smart Factories.”


By Seb Springall