New uplink interference measurement identifiers interference in 5G and LTE TDD networks

Anritsu Company announces enhanced functionality to the Field Master spectrum analyser LTE and 5G measurement options. As the rollout and densification of 5G networks accelerates,

Test & Measurement | 18-10-2023

Solution supports data throughput tests for high-performance 5G UEs

Anritsu Corporation offers its new SmartStudio NR IP Performance MX800071A software for the Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A, obtaining greater efficiency to data throughpu

Test & Measurement | 22-09-2023

5G RF conformance test system extended for FR1

Anritsu Corporation has released its New Radio RF Conformance Test System ME7873NR Lite Model supporting 5G Sub-6GHz (FR1) TRx tests. 5G services mainly using FR1 are growing gradu

Test & Measurement | 03-08-2023

New OTDR evaluates up to 20,000km of submarine cables

Anritsu Corporation has introduced the Coherent OTDR*1 MW90010B to locate faults in submarine cables. It can evaluate up to 20,000 km and has a readily selectable wavelength that c

Test & Measurement | 31-07-2023

Optical spectrum analyser enhances laser diode measurement function

Anritsu Corporation introduces the measurement function (MS9740B-020) for Optical Spectrum Analyzer MS9740B, that evaluates a pulsed LD chip. The new solution lessens the test time

Semiconductors | 20-07-2023

Modular two-port VNAs that combine performance and ease of use

Anritsu Company introduces the ShockLine ME7869A distributed modular two-port VNAs that can execute long-distance full vector S-parameter measurements over wide distances of up to

Test & Measurement | 21-06-2023

Expanded frequency range of high-performance analog signal generator family

Anritsu Company has extended its Rubidium high-performance analog signal generator family by releasing the MG36271A covering 9kHz to 70GHz to fulfil the demands of emerging extreme

Test & Measurement | 19-06-2023

Enhanced signal analyser supports efficient tests of pulse radar Tx characteristics

Anritsu Company now offers its new Pulse Radar Measurement Function MX284059B software option for the Signal Analyser MS2840A. As well as providing new functions to the previous MX

Test & Measurement | 25-04-2023

Extended frequency range of spectrum analyser offers excellent performance

Anritsu Company has expanded its Field Master MS2080A, a multi-functional spectrum analyser that integrates nine instruments into a single solution to function up to 6GHz. With ext

Test & Measurement | 20-04-2023

O-RAN radio unit test solution released

Anritsu Company has introduced the ORAN Test Platform MX772000PC and O-RAN Distributed Unit (O-DU) Emulator Platform Software MX773000PC solution to evaluate O-RAN Radio Units (O-R

Test & Measurement | 06-04-2023

Extended 6G research program with university

Anritsu Corporation has extended its 6G research activities to incorporate new innovative research with Aalborg University in Denmark. This new 6G research program will devise nove

Test & Measurement | 04-04-2023

Economical handheld spectrum analyser for general-purpose RF testing

Anritsu Company offers the Field Master MS2070A handheld spectrum analysers that supply the performance and field-proven durable platform of the company's Field Master family at an

Test & Measurement | 13-02-2023

New system facilitates 5G mmWave UE rollout

Anritsu Company has created the new CATR Anechoic Chamber 2 MA8172B configuration for its New Radio RF Conformance Test System ME7873NR to support 5G mmWave 2 AoA RRM tests. Evalua

Test & Measurement | 08-12-2022

Collaboration realises test environment for autonomous driving use cases

Anritsu Corporation has produced a test and simulation environment for Automated Valet Parking (AVP) in collaboration with dSPACE GmbH and Apposite Technologies LLC. A demonstratio

Test & Measurement | 01-12-2022