Partnership to develop end-to-end capture and playback system for RF signals

13-11-2023 | Anritsu | Test & Measurement

Anritsu Company has partnered with AnaPico AG in response to the increasing demand from customers for instruments to capture RF signals of interest over the air and then play them back from vector signal generators. The Anritsu IQ Signal Master MX280005A PC application has been improved to integrate the capture of RF IQ signals using the Field Master Pro MS2090A spectrum analyser and then to load the IQ data file into the AnaPico VSG for playback at any frequency up to 40GHz. The seamless process of IQ data capture and playback is perfect for in-depth testing of a receiver's response to a broad range of signals.

The ability to record and analyse a wide range of radio signals, including radars, telemetry links, secure communications and jammers, is increasingly important to security and defence agencies. The IQ Signal Master MX280005A combines all the necessary functionality into a single package that manages the capture configuration, provides a built-in spectrum analyser replay with microsecond resolution, and playback of the captured signal at any frequency to 40GHz.

Built-in intelligent algorithms include tools to quickly find and extract signals of interest from large data files, extraction of low-level signals from the noise and scenario testing to validate the performance of receivers to real-world threats.


By Seb Springall

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