New uplink interference measurement identifiers interference in 5G and LTE TDD networks

18-10-2023 | Anritsu | Test & Measurement

Anritsu Company announces enhanced functionality to the Field Master spectrum analyser LTE and 5G measurement options. As the rollout and densification of 5G networks accelerates, degradation of network performance resulting from interference in the TDD uplink is becoming more prominent. The latest Field Master software release provides a dual display of the LTE or 5G Frame structure with automatic placement of gates on the Uplink slots alongside the RF spectrum of the gated time slots.

For 5G networks with a coastal or mountainous terrain, RF downlink transmissions readily become subject to atmospheric tropospheric ducting. Signals can travel hundreds of kilometres, resulting in a time offset relative to the far-end base station. The result is downlink power masking the uplink signals from user equipment. It is also crucial that there is a common frame slot format deployed on all operator networks in a country, and ideally at international borders. The new uplink interference measurement incorporates configurations for the common frame slot formats recommended by international standards organisations, including GSMA, ITU-R, and ECC/CEPT.

The spectrum analyser with LTE and 5G measurement options are the preferred test instrument for regulators and operators globally. Adding this uplink interference measurement improves its value by supplying detailed insights into the common causes of interference in new TDD networks.

5G and LTE measurements are options for the Field Master Pro MS2090A covering FR1 and FR2 frequency bands and the new Field Master MS2080A for FR1 only networks. As well as 5G and LTE measurements, a Real-Time Spectrum Analyser captures the detailed transmitter spectrum, and a cable and antenna analyser accessory enables the sweeping of feeder cables.


By Seb Springall

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