Digitally tunable filters have a digitally selectable frequency of operation

28-06-2022 | Analog Devices | Passives

Analog Devices Inc. ADMV8526 Digitally Tunable Filters, available now from Mouser, are RF band-pass filters that feature a digitally selectable frequency of operation. This device offers a 1.25GHz to 2.6GHz adjustable FCENTER frequency range and uses an 8-bit value (256 states) incorporating a patent-pending interpolation technique.

These tunable filters can be employed as a smaller alternative to large, switched filter banks and discrete component-based tunable filters.

They feature digitally tunable, octave and band-pass tuning and 9% ± 2% 3dB bandwidth, 16% away from fCENTER rejection (20dB). It provides a single-chip replacement for discrete filter banks and measures 10mm × 10mm × 1.99mm in a compact LGA package.

Typical applications of tunable filters comprise land mobile radios, test and measurement equipment, defence radars, electronic defence, electronic countermeasures, satellite communications, and industrial and medical equipment.

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