OpenVPX development chassis cuts costs and time to market

29-04-2022 | Abaco Systems | Design & Manufacture

AMETEK Abaco Systems has launched the DEVPX3 development chassis, aligned to OpenVPX and SOSA standards, offering a flexible, cost-effective platform for open-standards-based application development, integration, and testing. The chassis assists users in maintaining a robust, fast-paced development program by quickly demonstrating and proving the end capability of their 3U VPX solutions at a system or board level.

The lab-ready development chassis enables sensor and system solutions providers to reduce lab and demonstration schedules by offering a fast and efficient way to stay up to date on VPX advancements from the company and its partners. By re-using existing boards or buying economical in-stock air-cooled variants, software and firmware time to market is also decreased.

The chassis supports conduction and air-cooled Abaco 3U modules aligned to OpenVPX and SOSA standards with eight individual slots. The open frame and backplane are swiftly configured with off-the-shelf cabling or rear transition modules.

“The DEVPX3 OpenVPX development chassis gives our customers an easy and economical way to solidify and accelerate their own systems as well as enable future products and programs,” says Pete Thompson, vice president of product management, Abaco Systems. “The introduction is yet another example of how Abaco supports our customers by providing exactly what they need from board to lab to rugged production solutions.”

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