New graphics and video capture board maximises performance and minimises power

20-09-2019 | Abaco Systems | Subs & Systems

Abaco Systems has released a powerful new rugged XMC graphics and video capture board. The NVP2102 takes advantage of the high performance of the NVIDIA Pascal P2000 GPU with its 768 cores and 4GBytes of GDDR5 memory to deliver 2.3TeraFLOPS of peak performance with support for both CUDA and OpenCL. It is the company's first video/graphics XMC product to provide high-performance input and output.

Developed for deployment in the harsh and cramped conditions, the NVP2102 presents an optimum choice for all forms of graphics/video processing input/output. Typical applications incorporate situational awareness, signals intelligence, ISR and radar, while the Pascal GPU’s high degree of parallelism also make it an excellent fit for GPGPU applications including machine learning and autonomy.

“We believe that the XMC form factor is perfect for the power- and space-constrained environments that typify today’s armoured vehicles, fighter aircraft, submarines and unmanned platforms – but until now, they have not offered the processing capability necessary for the most advanced graphics and video applications,” said Peter Thompson, vice president, product management at Abaco Systems. “The NVP2102 changes that, leveraging the capabilities of NVIDIA’s state-of-the-art GPU technology to deliver the functionality and performance that would have previously required a separate graphics card.”

The board meets the MIL-STD-810G standard: in its conduction-cooled form, it is specified to operate at temperatures of -40C to +85C and in its air-cooled form it is specified to operate at temperatures of -40C to +70C.

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