Medium-power phase control thyristors rated at 50A

America Semiconductor has announced the 50RIA Series of medium-power phase control thyristors. Supplied in an industry-standard TO-65 package, the silicon controlled rectifiers (SCRs) feature a current rating of 50A. The robust vacuum-w

America Semiconductor | 04-02-2015

World's first H.264 video I/O companions optimised for MOST auto and ADAS networks

Announced as the world's first H.264 video I/O companion ICs optimised for the proven and robust Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) high-speed automotive infotainment and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) network technologie

Microchip Technology | 03-02-2015

Dual CAN high-speed transceivers exceeds stringent EMC/ESD requirements independently

Freescale's CM0902 Dual CAN high-speed transceivers are now available from Mouser stock. The devices feature a robust, cost-effective CAN high-speed physical layer that offers a low quiescent current and exceeds stringent EMC/ESD requir

Mouser Electronics | 03-02-2015

Fully-integrated low-power low-data-rate cost-effective wireless ICs

EZRadio's family of fully-integrated low-power low-data-rate, cost-effective wireless ICs is now available from RS Components. The devices are designed to meet the needs of OEMs developing ISM applications for the consumer, industrial a

RS Components | 03-02-2015

Two-channel multipoint differential I²C-bus buffers for electrically noisy environments

Available now from Mouser, NXP's PCA961xDP 2-channel multipoint differential I²C-bus buffers are Fast-mode Plus (Fm+) SMBus/I²C-devices that extend the normal single-ended SMBus/I²C-bus through electrically noisy environments using a dif

Mouser Electronics | 03-02-2015

High-temperature N-channel power MOSFET integrated drivers

X-REL Semiconductor has unveiled two new product families targeting power conversion applications in highly-demanding markets including aerospace, industrial, hybrid and electric vehicles, transportation, geothermal, and the oil and gas

X-REL | 02-02-2015

Precision delta-sigma modulator is highly resistant to magnetic interference

Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced the AMC1305, a precision, delta-sigma (?S) modulator with the output separated from the input circuitry by a capacitive double isolation barrier that is highly resistant to magnetic interference. The

Texas Instruments | 02-02-2015

Dual-channel DVGA operates over broadband frequency range of 400 to 3600MHz

Mouser now stocks TriQuint's TQC9311, a dual-channel, digitally-controlled variable gain amplifier (DVGA) operating over a broadband frequency range of 400 to 3600MHz. The device features +36.5dBm OIP3 while providing digital variable

Mouser Electronics | 02-02-2015

ARM-based Cortex-A5 MPU optimized for 720p video playback up to 30fps

Optimized for 720p video playback up to 30fps with advanced security features, Mouser now stocks the Atmel SAMA5D4 ARM-based Cortex-A5 MPU series high-performance microprocessor. The SAMA5D4 integrates the ARM NEON single instruction m

Mouser Electronics | 30-01-2015

Texas Instruments – Optimized serial interface miniature micro-power SAR ADC

Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced the ADS8339, a 16-bit, 250kSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The device operates with a 2.25V to 5.5V external reference and includes a capacitor-based successive-approximation register (SAR) and a

Texas Instruments | 30-01-2015

No missing codes from new 14-bit 500ksps SAR analog-to-digital converter

Mouser now stocks the Maxim MAX11262, a 14-bit 500ksps successive approximation (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The +5V unipolar pseudo-differential input SAR ADC offers exceptional AC and DC performance in a compact standard p

Mouser Electronics | 30-01-2015

New ARM Cortex-M4F based MCUs for both home and industrial motor control

Aimed at both home and industrial appliances, two new ARM Cortex-M4F based microcontrollers have been introduced by Toshiba Electronics Europe. The TMPM470FDFG and TMPM475FDFG are capable of operating two brushless DC motors simultaneo

Toshiba | 29-01-2015

High-speed limiting differential post amplifiers for fibre-optic receiver applications

RS Components now stocks the Micrel SY88903ALKG high-speed limiting differential post amplifiers. The devices are typically used in fibre-optic receiver applications where wide dynamic range and possibly noisy data signals need to be pr

RS Components | 29-01-2015

Five-output 3.3V clock buffer suits both mobile and desktop PC systems

Aimed at applications such as mobile and desktop PC systems, IDT 2305NZ five-output 3.3V clock buffer is now available from Mouser stock. The low-cost buffer is designed to distribute high-speed clocks and operates at 3.3V with five ou

Mouser Electronics | 29-01-2015