New inhibiting film with high post-consumer recycled content

Cortec has launched a new version of its proprietary VpCI-126 Film Technology. This PCR corrosion-inhibiting film has been created with a high amount of post-consumer recycled content for an efficient recovery, recycling, and reuse of resou

Cortec Corporation | 16-02-2023

HF DC link capacitors provide ultra-low ESL

TDK Corporation offers the ModCapTM HF, a modular capacitor concept for DC link applications that can work at extremely high switching frequencies. The six new power capacitors of the B25647A* series are offered for rated voltages from 900V

TDK | 16-12-2022

Next generation of stackable test leads and re-designed electrical jumpers

Conrad Sourcing Platform supplies nearly the entire Stäubli product range which, among other categories, covers renewable energies and automation. Stäubli’s testing and measurement accessory lines include 2mm and 4mm test leads, jacks, plug

Conrad Electronic | 24-11-2022

MOSFET and diode power modules for onboard charging applications

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc has released seven new MOSFET and diode power modules for onboard charger applications. Provided in various circuit configurations, the integrated solutions combine high efficiency fast body diode MOSFETs and SiC

Vishay | 23-11-2022

NTC thermistors and RTDs for renewable energy applications

Littelfuse provides a wide range of NTC thermistors, RTDs, and probes and assemblies, to satisfy the unique temperature sensing needs of renewable energy systems. Based on their fast thermal response, long-term stability, and cost effect

Littelfuse | 12-08-2022

Innovative no compromise basic DIN-rail power supplies have green credentials

PULS Power has extended the range of its PIANO series of power supplies. The growing product family now comprises 17 different and easy to use DIN-Rail power supplies intended to provide cost-effective basic functionality and high reliabili

PULS Power | 07-04-2022

New flyback switcher ICs slash energy waste in appliance power supplies

Power Integrations has released the highly integrated InnoSwitch3-TN off-line CV/CC flyback switcher IC. Provided in a safety-qualified, compact MinSOP-16A package and including a 725V primary MOSFET, isolated feedback, synchronous rectific

Power Integrations | 15-12-2021

DC-DC converters ideal for renewable energy applications

The Murata MGJ2 SMD series, available now from TTI Europe, was developed for supplying optimised positive and negative voltages ideal for gate drivers for IGBT/MOS and SiC. With low ultra-low isolation capacitance to lessen CMTI and signal

TTI Europe | 09-09-2021

Half brick DC-DC converter for data communications and renewable energy applications

TDK Corporation has introduced the TDK-Lambda brand PH600A280‑24 DC-DC converter. This extends the PH-A280 series of 200VDC to 425VDC input power modules from 50W to 600W. The new 24V output model is intended for data communications, power

TDK | 15-04-2020

New wireless SoCs enable eco-friendly Zigbee Green Power IoT devices

Silicon Labs has a new family of secure, ultra-low-power Zigbee SoC devices created for eco-friendly IoT products deployed in mesh networks. The EFR32MG22 (MG22) family expands Silicon Labs’ Zigbee portfolio by producing the smallest, lowes

Silicon Laboratories Inc | 24-02-2020

Green thick film resistors are free of Pb and its compounds

TT Electronics green thick film chip resistor product series, available now from TTI Europe, is being launched to complement conventional product series. So far, general-purpose chip WCR, resistor chip array BCN and high voltage chip HVC ha

TTI Europe | 10-02-2020

Expanded power supply offering meets demand for green power technology

CUI Inc has added six low power, open frame AC/DC power supply series to its VOF product family. The VOF-15C, VOF-30C, VOF-40C, VOF-45C, VOF-60C and VOF-65C are 15, 30, 40, 45, 60 and 65W additions to CUI’s general-purpose AC/DC power suppl

CUI Inc | 06-12-2019

DC-DC converter for data communications and renewable energy applications

TDK Corporation has introduced the TDK-Lambda brand PH300A280-5 DC-DC converter, completing the PH-A280 series of 200V to 425V input 50W to 300W power modules. The new model is intended for data communications and renewable energy applicati

TDK | 29-01-2019

High tensile strength epoxy adhesive uses renewable biomaterial

Master Bond EP70CN is a two-part, thermally stable epoxy adhesive formulated using a natural, renewable and sustainable ingredient. This epoxy system forms high physical strength bonds and can be utilised for sealing, bonding, coating and p

Masterbond | 08-08-2018