High-efficiency compact MOSFET modules for solar inverter and EV charging

21-02-2024 | SemiQ | Power

SemiQ has unveiled the latest addition to its QSiC family. The QSiC 1200V SiC MOSFET modules in full-bridge configurations produce near-zero switching loss, greatly improving efficiency, lowering heat dissipation, and permitting smaller heatsinks.

With a high breakdown voltage exceeding 1400V, the modules in full-bridge configurations can withstand high-temperature operation at Tj = 175C with minimal Rds(On) shifting across the whole temperature spectrum. Crafted from high-performance ceramics, these modules attain outstanding performance levels, increased power density, and more compact designs – particularly in high-frequency and high-power environments. Consequently, they are ideal for demanding applications that need bidirectional power flow or a broader range of control, such as solar inverters, drives and chargers for EVs DC-DC converters and power supplies.

In solar inverter applications, the company's technology empowers designers to accomplish greater efficiency – reaching as high as 98% – and more compact designs. It helps lower heat loss and enhances thermal stability and reliability, backed by over 54 million HTRB/H3TRB testing hours. The 1200V MOSFETs also maximise efficiency gains in DC-DC converters while improving reliability and minimising power dissipation.

The company conducts gate burn-in testing at the wafer level to ensure a stable gate threshold voltage and premium gate oxide quality for each module. As well as the burn-in test, which contributes to mitigating extrinsic failure rates, various stress tests – including gate stress, high-temperature reverse bias (HTRB) drain stress, and high humidity, high voltage, high temperature (H3TRB) – are utilised to achieve the required automotive and industrial grade quality standards. The devices also deliver extended short-circuit ratings, and all parts have undergone testing surpassing 1400V.

"At SemiQ, our commitment lies in the meticulous optimisation and customisation of each module, ensuring they not only meet but exceed the unique demands of high-efficiency, high-power applications," said Dr Timothy Han, president at SemiQ. "We believe in empowering innovation through tailored solutions, and our SiC modules exemplify the pinnacle of performance, precision, and reliability in every customised design."

The new 1200V modules in full-bridge packages are available in 20mOhm, 40mOhm, and 80mOhm SiC MOSFETs categories.

The company is set to debut its QSiC product family in SOT-227, half-bridge, and full-bridge packages at APEC, booth #2245, from February 25 to 29, 2024.


By Seb Springall