Low-profile surface-mount PoL DC-DC power converter modules

Aimed at applications such as communication devices, computer servers and similar low-power conversion requirements, Sanken's BR200 Series PoL converter modules are now available from Digi-Key. The series consists of low-profile conver

Digikey | 15-01-2015

Single-output multi-range programmable switching DC bench power supply

Available now from RS Components, the ISO-TECH PSW Series single-output multi-range programmable switching DC power supply. Models in the range have 30V or 80V rated voltages and 360W, 720W and 1080W maximum output powers. The multi-

RS Components | 15-01-2015

Low dropout linear regulators generate termination voltage for DDR-SDRAM systems

Designed to generate the termination voltage for DDR-SDRAM systems, Diodes Inc's AP2303x DDR LDO low dropout linear regulators are now available from Mouser. The regulator can source or sink up to 1.75A current continuously. The outpu

Mouser Electronics | 14-01-2015

Versatile 500W AC/DC power supply suits medical or industrial applications

Now available from Mouser stock, SL Power's MINT1500 is a 500W AC/DC power supply is designed for medical or industrial applications. The series offers active current share for redundant applications and fits in a 1U or 2U chassis. Other

Mouser Electronics | 14-01-2015

Three-phase sensorless motor driver with integrated MOSFETs delivers up to 2A

Specifically designed for cost-sensitive, low-noise / low external component count applications, the DRV10983 is a three-phase sensorless motor driver with integrated power MOSFETs. The Texas Instruments (TI) device can provide continuo

Texas Instruments | 14-01-2015

Isolated DOSA quarter-brick DC-DC converters need no heatsink

Murata Power Solutions' UWQ-12/17-Q48T-C Series isolated DOSA quarter-brick DC-DC converters are now stocked by Digi-Key. The UWQ-12/17-Q48T series offers high output current (up to 17A) and requires no heatsink for most applications.

Digikey | 13-01-2015

High-efficiency high-voltage synchronous step-down converters

Maxim's MAX17504, a high-efficiency high-voltage synchronous step-down converters are now available from Mouser stock. The device comes with dual integrated MOSFETs and operate over a 4.5V to 60V input. It delivers up to 3.5A and 0.9V t

Mouser Electronics | 12-01-2015

Self-powered booster module converts low DC voltage inputs to higher AC or DC voltages

A self-powered voltage-booster module that converts a low DC voltage input to a higher AC or DC voltage output - the Advanced Linear Devices EH4205 is now available from Digi-Key. The module is suitable for many low-power energy-harves

Digikey | 12-01-2015

Configurable buck DC-DC converters deliver total of 8A from 2 - 4 independent outputs

New from Linear Technology, the LTC3371 is a highly-integrated general-purpose power management solution for systems requiring multiple low voltage power supplies. The device features four synchronous buck converters, each powered from i

Linear | 09-01-2015

New 600W universal power supply designed for non-life support medical applications

Specifically designed for non-life support medical applications that require EN/UL 60601-1 safety standards, Power Sources Unlimited (PSU) has announced the new PM202 Series of compact 200W AC/DC power supplies. The single-output PM202 S

PSU | 09-01-2015

Versatile low-profile 200W AC/DC single-output power supplies

Mouser now stocks the Mean Well LRS-200, a versatile 200W AC/DC single-output enclosed unit with a 30mm low-profile design. Adopting an input of 115VAC or 230VAC (selected by switch), the entire series provides an output voltage line o

Mouser Electronics | 08-01-2015

Battery pack connector meets rail industry standards

Battery packs used on rolling stock and other rail applications can now be connected using the CombiTac connector system from Multi-Contact. The modular connector can be configured with or without signal contacts, and is compliant with r

Multi-Contact | 08-01-2015

D-Cell series ultracapacitors target applications requiring an extra pulse of power

Maxwell Technologies' D-Cell Series ultracapacitors are now available from Digi-Key. They are aimed at automotive boardnet stabilization, medical devices, uninterruptible power supplies, backup power and pulse, wind turbine pitch contro

Digikey | 08-01-2015

Tough lead crystal batteries perform in extreme temperature conditions

Designed for harsh working environments, RS Components offers a range of tough Lead crystal batteries. Working in temperatures above +65C and down to -40C they can be discharged down to 0V and recovered daily without loss of capacity wh

RS Components | 08-01-2015