Data Centre

New SiC diodes deliver highest efficiency and superior robustness

Navitas Semiconductor now offers its fifth generation of high-speed GeneSiC SiC power diodes for demanding data centre, industrial motor-drive, solar and consumer applications. The 650V-rated Merged-PiN Schottky (MPS) diodes incorporate

Navitas Semiconductor | 11-05-2023

New inline fuse holder series offers easier installation and saves PC board space

Littelfuse, Inc has released its 150520 Series Inline Fuse Holders product line. The latest series are rated 600VAC/VDC voltage at 20A in a 5mm x 20mm size. These convenient inline fuses are excellent for applications needing supplementa

Littelfuse | 11-05-2023

GaN HEMTs deliver class-leading performance

ROHM has begun mass production of its 650V GaN HEMTs GNP1070TC-Z, and GNP1150TCA-Z, optimised for various power supply systems applications. These new products are developed with Ancora Semiconductors, Inc, an affiliate of Delta Electronics

ROHM Semiconductor | 10-05-2023

Global distribution agreement for next-generation GaN power ICs and SiC technology

Mouser has agreed on a global distribution deal with Navitas Semiconductor. According to the agreement, Mouser will provide customers with the company's range of GaNFast and GaNSense power ICs and the GeneSiC range of SiC power MOSFETs and

Mouser Electronics | 05-05-2023

Super Junction MOSFETs family optimised for hyperscale datacentres and more

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited has released the 600V aMOS7 Super Junction MOSFETs Family. The device is the company's next-generation high-voltage MOSFET, developed to satisfy the high efficiency and high-density requirements of tele

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor | 04-05-2023

SMD resettable PPTCs created for high-voltage applications available now

Littelfuse, Inc has released the 3425L Series SMD resettable PPTCs overcurrent circuit protection devices. The latest SMD PPTCs is an extension of the company's PolySwitch family of resettable overcurrent protection devices, which

Littelfuse | 04-05-2023

I2C GPIO expanders feature configurable pull-up resistor and pin-compatible footprints

Nexperia has released a new portfolio of 16-channel I2C GPIO expanders created to improve flexibility and reuse in electronic systems. The portfolio offers an elegant solution for requiring extra I/Os while keeping the interconnections mini

Nexperia | 03-05-2023

Titanium efficiency adjustable output power supply added to portfolio

Bel Fuse Inc has expanded its portfolio to include the TET3600-48-104RA. This 3.6kW titanium efficient AC/DC front-end power supply converts up to 277VAC into a main adjustable (42-58VDC) output for powering high-performance datacentre, net

Bel Fuse | 26-04-2023

Powerful and compact SMD fuse for high current SELV applications

Schurter has launched its new UHS, a compact fast acting SMT fuse developed to interrupt high-energy overcurrent in the SELV range safely. The new UHS is offered in six current ratings from 50-100A at 50VDC or 32VDC, with a breaking capacit

Schurter | 21-04-2023

Industrial-grade silicon carbide MOSFET enables higher power density

Diodes Incorporated has introduced its latest addition to the portfolio of SiC products: the DMWS120H100SM4 N-channel SiC MOSFET. This device meets the higher efficiency and power density demand for applications, including industrial motor

Diodes Inc | 11-04-2023

IEC appliance outlets with up to four light pipes

Schurter's 6610-5 and 4710-5 IEC appliance outlets, Type F and J, are the optimal solution for data centre PDUs, where status indication and packing density are crucial. Their compact design provides tight mounting in multiples and supplies

Schurter | 04-04-2023

Stackable BGA mezzanine connector lowers costs

Hirose has released a stackable BGA mezzanine connector developed for high-speed and high-density server applications. The hermaphroditic IT14 Series offers a self-mating design to stop the requirement for extra mating parts. Fewer mating p

Hirose | 03-04-2023

Ultra-high-speed control IC technology maximises performance of GaN devices

ROHM's ultra-high-speed Control IC technology maximises the performance of GaN and other high-speed switching devices. While the adoption of GaN devices has grown in recent years due to their outstanding high-speed switching characteristics

ROHM Semiconductor | 31-03-2023

First application-specific MOSFETs for hotswap with reduced footprint

Nexperia has released its first 80V and 100V application-specific MOSFETs (ASFETs) for hotswap with enhanced safe operating area in a compact 8mm x 8mm LFPAK88 package. These new ASFETs are fully optimised for demanding hotswap and soft-sta

Nexperia | 30-03-2023