Robin Mitchell

Robin Mitchell is an electronic engineer who has been involved in electronics since the age of 13. After completing a BEng at the University of Warwick, Robin moved into the field of online content creation, developing articles, news pieces, and projects aimed at professionals and makers alike. Currently, Robin runs a small electronics business, MitchElectronics, which produces educational kits and resources.

Discontinued Zilog Z80 CPU Marks End of an Era

Michael Specht, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons Zilog, the company behind the iconic Z80 CPU, has announced the discontinuation of this legendary 8-bit processor after nearly

Insights | 08-05-2024

Russian Semiconductor Production: An Analysis of Key Challenges

Key Things to Know: Sanctions and technological isolation significantly impact Russia's electronics sector, leading to widespread production issues and technological stagnati

Insights | 01-05-2024

N-Type Diamond Transistors: New Semiconductor Standards

Key Things to Know: Advancing Beyond Silicon: Researchers have developed the world's first n-channel diamond-based transistor, marking a significant step beyond traditional s

Insights | 30-04-2024

Next-Gen PCs Demand Intel's AI Chips for Microsoft AI

Key Things to Know: AI integration in local environments faces significant challenges such as data privacy, skill gaps, and ethical issues. Intel, in collaboration with M

Insights | 29-04-2024

Smart Home Benefits Lead 30% to Reconsider Insurers

Key Things to Know: Economic Pressures Lead to Insurance Switches: Increased living costs are prompting consumers to consider switching insurers for incentives like free smar

Insights | 25-04-2024

How Power Electronics Work: A Detailed Guide

Introduction Power electronics play a crucial role in modern electrical engineering, essential for efficiently converting, controlling, and managing electrical power within circui

Educational | 23-04-2024

Farewell Phone Boxes: BT Launches 2000 Smart Hubs

Key Things to Know: Telecommunication Transformation: The transition from traditional copper cables to advanced fibre optics has significantly upgraded the UK's telecommunica

Insights | 23-04-2024

Super Permeable Wearables Engineered for Durable Monitoring

Key Things to Know: Challenges in Wearable Electronics: Wearable medical devices face significant challenges such as data security, accuracy, interoperability, regulatory com

Insights | 22-04-2024

Workplace AI: How It's Changing Jobs and Affecting Quality of Life

Key Things to Know: AI's rapid advancement poses significant challenges and opportunities for job markets and societal norms, with automation potentially displacing millions

Insights | 17-04-2024