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Expanded low-PIM product line enhances wireless infrastructure

Pasternack has released its latest low-PIM products. The devices are created to fulfil the advancing demands of modern wireless applications, including the burgeoning 5G and future 6G networks. These products stand out for their low VSWR

Pasternack | Industrial | 15-04-2024

Highly reliable M.2 type SSD with PCI Express support for industrial applications

TDK Corporation has launched its new M.2 2280 type SSD (SNP1A series), supporting PCIe and NVMe. The SSD integrates NAND flash memory, its GBDriver GX1 controller IC, and an internal backup power circuit, making it highly resistant to power

TDK | Industrial | 15-04-2024

Soldering equipment family reduces footprint and cost-of-ownership

Nordson Electronics Solutions has released the Synchro 3, a new model in the SELECT Synchro selective soldering equipment family for high-volume PCB assembly applications. Selective soldering safeguards solder joint quality during electroni

Nordson Electronics Solutions | Industrial | 15-04-2024

Innovative SPDT toggle switches redefine RF signal control and accessibility

Fairview Microwave has released its waveguide power dividers. These advanced components, featuring SPDT toggle switches with SMA connectors, are a milestone in RF component availability, supplying customers with unmatched convenience and pe

Fairview Microwave | Industrial | 15-04-2024

Evaluation kit for robotics and industrial applications

Mouser now stocks the XMC7100 evaluation kit from Infineon Technologies. The kit (KIT_XMC71_EVK_LITE_V1) includes an XMC7100 evaluation board, USB Type-A to Micro-B cable, and a quick start guide. The evaluation board evaluates and devel

Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement | 12-04-2024

New op-amp improves power savings in consumer and industrial equipment

ROHM has developed a linear operational amplifier (op-amp) – LMR1901YG-M – featuring the lowest current consumption in the industry. This makes it ideal for amplifying sensor signals to detect and measure temperature, flow rate, gas concent

ROHM Semiconductor | Power | 12-04-2024

Efficient motor control driver IC enhanced with built-in microcontroller and gate driver control

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH has released a motor control driver IC that implements a gate driver and a CPU core together with a comprehensive set of features and capabilities for more efficiently driving three-phase BLDC motors and PMSM

Toshiba | Power | 12-04-2024

LoRa radio module simplifies wireless design and supply-chain management for IoT

Murata has unveiled its groundbreaking Type 2GT module, a multi-band LoRa module that marks a notable leap forward in the development of IoT devices needing versatile wireless connectivity. This highly integrated module stands out by provid

Murata | Passives | 12-04-2024

Revolutionising network dynamics with outstanding ethernet switches

The Lantronix family of ethernet switch products featuring the LS and SISPM-3000-L3 Series is now available through Symmetry Electronics. The LS Series is a managed Layer 2 (L2) hardened gigabit ethernet PoE++ switch product featuring (8

Symmetry Electronics | Industrial | 12-04-2024

Collaboration delivers a comprehensive end-to-end AI solution

SECO S.p.A. is working with NXP Semiconductors to bring SECO's Clea software solution to industrial and IoT applications. Clea is the full-fledged AIaaS Platform, and the optimisation of Clea on NXP hardware will enable deploying AI models

SECO | Industrial | 12-04-2024

MCU with BLE 5.2 for industrial and wearables delivers ease of connectivity

Mouser now stocks the MAX32690 MCU from Analog Devices, Inc. Combining all the necessary processing horsepower with the ease of connectivity and Bluetooth needed for various consumer and industrial IoT applications, the device is an ideal u

Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors | 11-04-2024

Companies introduce 240W USB PD3.1 reference design

Arrow Electronics and Infineon Technologies AG have released the 240W USB PD 3.1 reference design board to support customer projects demanding high power capabilities. The new design demonstrates the USB PD 3.1 EPR software and schematics i

Arrow | Test & Measurement | 11-04-2024

Serial SRAM portfolio expanded to larger densities and increased speeds

To manage a common customer demand for bigger and faster SRAM, Microchip Technology has expanded its Serial SRAM product line to include larger densities of up to 4Mb and increased SPI/SQI speed to 143MHz. The 2Mb and 4Mb devices are create

Microchip Technology | Industrial | 11-04-2024

New and high-reliability defence-spec capacitors for demanding applications

Kyocera AVX has released the new TCD Series DLA 04051 and COTS-Plus conductive polymer capacitors. These new high-reliability conductive polymer capacitors are engineered for usage in demanding aerospace, defence, and industrial application

Kyocera AVX | Passives | 11-04-2024