Intelligent industrial camera with 4K streaming and excellent low-light performance

IDS expands its product line for intelligent image processing and launches a new IDS NXT malibu camera. It enables AI-based image processing, video compression and streaming in ful

Industrial | 01-05-2024

First industrial camera manufacturer offering Sony sensor in colour and mono

IDS is the first industrial camera manufacturer to offer the 2MP sensor IMX662 in colour and monochrome versions. The sensors belonging to Sony's Starvis 2 series are created for m

Industrial | 08-03-2024

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Whether quality assurance, logistics tasks, or kiosk systems, quickly available, optimally focused image information helps make optimal decisions, avoid errors, and speed up work p

Industrial | 07-12-2023

Camera combines consumer image processing and AI technology

IDS NXT malibu marks a new class of intelligent industrial cameras that serve as edge devices and generate AI overlays in live video streams. For the new camera series, IDS Imaging

Test & Measurement | 16-11-2023

Online event hosts everything important about 2D/3D and AIExclusive

There is no way around automation if companies wish to stand their ground in the face of a shortage of skilled workers, tight margins and ever-shorter time-to-market. In this conte

Test & Measurement | 26-10-2023

New 3D camera supplies colour into space

With Ensenso C, IDS offers a stereo vision camera that generates 3D point clouds and delivers 2D images in colour (RGB) thanks to an extra integrated image sensor. This allows real

Test & Measurement | 17-10-2023

First industrial camera offering a 20MP sensor

With the rolling shutter sensor onsemi AR2020, IDS Imaging Development Systems adds the technical successor of the onsemi AR1820 to its portfolio – making the company the first man

Test & Measurement | 02-10-2023

New 10GigE cameras combine high speed and high resolution

In industrial automation, the optimisation of processes is frequently mainly about higher efficiency and accuracy. 10GigE cameras set standards here, such as those in the uEye Warp

Industrial | 04-08-2023

Camera family ideal for embedded and volume projects

The low-cost portfolio from IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH addresses price-sensitive applications and has so far included the camera families uEye XCP (closed zinc die-cast h

Industrial | 20-07-2023

New 3D and robot vision camera series now available

The Ensenso N series, available from IDS Imaging Development Systems, now offers more advanced models with new stereo vision cameras (N31, N36, N41, N46). The Ensenso N 3D cameras

Test & Measurement | 10-01-2023

Precisely capture and monitor high-speed processes with fast industrial camera

With uEye Warp10, IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH is releasing a new camera family that, thanks to 10GigE, transmits data in the Gigabit Ethernet-based network at a very high

Test & Measurement | 25-07-2022

Creating vision apps with no programming knowledge

IDS NXT's current software release 2.6 for the AI vision system focuses mainly on simplifying app creation. The initial phase in the development is frequently one of the most signi

Design & Manufacture | 07-06-2022

Software update with new features and trial month for AI training software

Users of the all-in-one embedded vision system IDS NXT ocean now have a complete range of new features at their disposal. These comprise multi-ROI ('Region Of Interest') for AI-bas

Test & Measurement | 02-03-2022

All-in-one embedded vision platform has new tools and functions

At IDS, image processing with AI does not just mean that it runs directly on cameras and users also have huge design options through vision apps. Rather, with the IDS NXT ocean emb

Subs & Systems | 11-11-2021