High-efficiency slim DIN-rail power supplies with redundancy module option

30-07-2015 | XP | Power

Latest from XP Power is the DSA series of three ultra-slim DIN-rail industrial AC/DC power supplies and the complementary DSA-DP20 ORing redundancy module. The highly-efficient DSA series comprises the 150W DSA150, the 240W DSA240 and the 480W DSA480. With a single output of either 24 or 48VDC the range is aimed at industrial type applications, such as process control and building automation, where the space used by the power supply on the DIN rail needs to be minimised. A voltage trim function provides adjustment of the stated nominal output by +/-5%. The convection cooled units are narrower than standard DIN-rail mount supplies and, with the DSA150 measuring 99.8mm x 125.2mm x 55.5mm, the DSA240 117.8mm x 125.2mm x 65.8mm and the DSA480 123.35mm x 124.8mm x 86.3mm, the modules take up minimal space on the DIN-rail and provide more power in the available area. The modules high efficiency rating contribute to using less power resulting in a product that generates less heat, ensuring easier thermal management for the end user. Typical efficiencies are, for the DSA150 87%, the DSA240 92% and the DSA480 94%. The series has an operating temperature range of -25C to +70C, with the full power output being available without derating from -25C to +50C. Unlike some modules on the market the DSA series has no line input switches to select and can operate across the full universal input range from 90 to 264VAC. The series also features multiple options to remotely control the output, giving the user the ability to select how the power supply will respond to over current conditions. The series also features a peak load capability that allows 150% of rated output for up to three seconds. This is ideal for high start-up current applications, such as starting a motor, without having to specify a more expensive power supply with a higher power rating just to meet such occasional load conditions. The DSA-DPA20 diode ORing module can be used with the DSA series to provide redundancy for 24VDC applications up to 20A. Measuring 99.8mm x 125.2mm x 55.5mm in a DIN-rail mount package, the module can be connected to two power supplies for 1+1 redundancy or with multiple power supplies and DSA-DPA20 modules for N+1 redundancy. The module has volt free relay contact signals and a visual LED output and failure indicator. The DSA series meets the international safety standards UL508, EN60950, IEC60950 in addition to complying with EN55022 Class B specifications for conducted and radiated emissions, says the company.

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