Digital isolators secure signal transmission up to 150Mbps

Würth Elektronik has introduced its new product family: SMT digital isolators with and without integrated power supply. The components are employed for galvanic isolation to transm

Power | 16-01-2024

Ferroelectricity and voltage-capacitance behaviour

Würth Elektronik has implemented the voltage-capacitance behaviour of ferroelectric MLCCs in the LTspice files of its products, which greatly improves the accuracy of simulations.

Power | 12-12-2023

Extended terminal block connector series offers screwless alternatives and THR versions

Würth Elektronik extends its WR-TBL series by screwless push-in connectors in the 3.5mm and 3.81mm pitches. The new 4101, 8101, 4093, and 8093 series come close to matching the spe

Industrial | 04-12-2023

Easy sensor integration for IoT projects

Würth Elektronik is concentrating on IoT applications with its portfolio of MEMS sensors. Zephyr OS – the microcontroller operating system from the Linux Foundation now incorporate

Semiconductors | 29-11-2023

Understanding a PoE interface from an EMC perspective

Würth Elektronik has published another Application Note on a special challenge in EMC. App Note ANP122 'Understanding a PoE Interface from an EMC Perspective' clarifies which EMI m

Industrial | 21-11-2023

BTB connector family is certified halogen-free

Würth Elektronik offers its WR-BTB family of connectors, now made of guaranteed halogen-free plastic. The board connectors, functioning as data lines connectors, are more environme

Industrial | 14-11-2023

Expanded transformer series for SiC MOSFET gate drivers

Würth Elektronik offers new additions to the WE-AGDT series, with interwinding capacitance lower than one picofarad, more topologies and higher output voltage options. All transfor

Power | 01-11-2023

Support on principles for the use of phototransistor optocouplers

Würth Elektronik has extended its collection of practical information to support electronics developers with the new AppNote ANO007 'Understanding Phototransistor Optocouplers'. Op

Industrial | 26-10-2023

High-Rise 24-pin SMT connector ideal for USB applications

Würth Elektronik expands its USB-C range with a 24-pin fully-configured horizontal receptacle for SMT assembly. The high-quality USB 3.1 Type-C connector provides its high-rise des

Industrial | 23-10-2023

New reference design for PoE adapter

Würth Elektronik now offers its RD022 reference design, 'GB-PoE+ Ethernet USB adapter', freely available from the 'Learn More' link. Devices networked via Ethernet usually rely on

Industrial | 18-10-2023

Microsoft Azure-certified IoT design kit for smart systems

With its new Calypso IoT Design Kit, Würth Elektronik presents an evaluation kit with pre-installed firmware, facilitating the simple creation and evaluation of secure end-to-end I

Test & Measurement | 18-09-2023

Inductor family adds robust PFC chokes

Würth Elektronik has expanded the WE-TORPFC inductor series with 17 new parts. These toroidal inductors are appropriate for CCM boost converters and can produce up to several kW of

Passives | 24-08-2023

Application note published for interference suppression

Würth Elektronik has published a new Application Note: "ANP121 – Filter and surge protection for I²C-Bus". In this new note, the supplier provides practical support to developers u

Passives | 15-08-2023

Component libraries on GitHub speed up design process

Würth Elektronik now provides a comprehensive components library for Altium designers on GitHub. The ready-for-use component models and detailed data spare designers the exertion o

Industrial | 31-07-2023