Power inductor series offers high saturation current in a tiny space

Würth Elektronik offers the WE-HEPC, its smallest NiZn-ferrite-based self-shielded power inductor to date. Thanks to a new and entirely automated manufacturing process, these induc

Power | 29-06-2023

Circular connectors provide well-protected connections

Würth Elektronik now provides a broad product portfolio of A-coded M12 circular connectors (DIN EN 61076-2-101). The high-quality male and female connectors with screw mating for p

Industrial | 28-04-2023

DC-Link capacitors stabilise power converters in charging and photovoltaic systems

Würth Elektronik offers a new series of film capacitors particularly developed for DC-Link applications. The WCAP-FTDB series components can be employed in the voltage range from 5

Power | 06-04-2023

New toggle switch family offers high-quality switching

Würth Elektronik produces very high-quality toggle switches. Different versions of these user-friendly fast switches are now supplied under the name WS-TOTV. They are ESD compliant

Industrial | 31-03-2023

Motion sensor comprises accelerometer and gyroscope in one

Würth Elektronik is growing its range of compact MEMS-based sensors with a three-axis accelerometer and integrated gyroscope. Its selectable measuring ranges and data rates make th

Test & Measurement | 27-03-2023

Interference suppression capacitors suited to extreme operating conditions

Würth Elektronik has released the WCAP-FTXH THB X2 series, its new family of safety capacitors for interference suppression in mains filters. All pieces in this series are ENEC 10,

Passives | 16-03-2023

Crimp direct connectors supply power directly to the board

The SKEDD connector family with patented Würth Elektronik technology offers a new arrival: REDFIT WR-WSP Crimp SKEDD. The direct connectors are provided for solder-free and tool-fr

Industrial | 10-03-2023

Design-in components advice for electronic and electromechanical components

Würth Elektronik will be exhibiting at embedded world. True to its motto, "more than you expect!" the manufacturer will showcase its services to assist its customers in bringing th

Passives | 28-02-2023

Companies partner to provide IoT security on wireless modules

Würth Elektronik has partnered with Crypto Quantique to collaborate with enhancing security for Würth Elektronik's wireless modules. Combining Crypto Quantique's QuarkLink security

Industrial | 16-02-2023

Dual-channel optocoupler phototransistor offers a space-saving solution

Würth Elektronik has extended its WL-OCPT optocoupler product family with the DIP-8 design. These two-channel optocoupler phototransistors with eight pins are available now. This d

Industrial | 14-02-2023

Introducing multilayer ceramic inductors with tight tolerances

Würth Elektronik now provides the WE-MCI – a series of high-frequency inductors delivering a wide range of values: The 0402 package covers inductance values from 1nH to 270nH, whil

Passives | 14-12-2022

Reference design for Gigabit Ethernet front end

Würth Elektronik has released its RD016 reference design and the corresponding application note ANP116. With this, it offers valuable information for developing EMC-compliant Gigab

Test & Measurement | 09-12-2022

Snap ferrites now available for the automotive industry

Snap ferrites have helped establish Würth Elektronik's as an EMC specialist. Now it is releasing another line of retrofittable interference suppression solutions with AEC-Q200 qual

Power | 24-11-2022

Isolated power module in a MicroModule package

Würth Elektronik has expanded the product families of its MagI³C power modules with the MagI³C-FIMM fixed isolated MicroModule. It joins the options of an isolated power module wit

Power | 11-11-2022