New eight-lane analyser platform for PCIe 5.0

04-08-2020 | Viavi Solutions | Subs & Systems

Viavi Solutions has introduced the Xgig 5P8 Analyser Platform for PCI Express 5.0, enabling equipment manufacturers to assure performance in accordance with the newest revision of the ubiquitous serial computer expansion bus standard.

The platform gives protocol analysis for PCIe 5.0 traffic at all layers of the protocol stack. It supports link widths up to eight lanes, and link speeds to 32GT/s. Offering both PCIe and NVMe protocol analysis functions, and full downward compatibility to PCIe 4.0, the device expands the family of company protocol analysis products.

The device chassis has 128GB of memory and flexible allocation to capture and save multiple data traces. The chassis offers advanced PCIe and NVMe level trigger and search abilities intended to speed debug and problem resolution time. Interposer autotuning considerably simplifies and speeds system usage and allows repeatable capture results.

“PCIe 5.0 is the protocol designed to support the emerging future of data communications,” said Tom Fawcett, vice president and general manager, Lab and Production Business Unit, VIAVI. “We’ve understood this through our work with the leading players and industry bodies in this space. As a result, the Xgig 5P8 is ready out of the gate to support the range of capacities and test cases developers and manufacturers require to ensure their products meet standard performance specifications.”

By Natasha Shek