Snap-together plastic enclosures for Raspberry Pi B+ and PI 2 computers

20-01-2016 | OKW Enclosures | Subs & Systems

OKW has launched Raspberry-Case – a smart new range of snap-together plastic enclosures for Raspberry Pi B+ and PI 2 computers. The enclosures offer a simple and inexpensive standard housing for the increasingly popular mini-format single-board computers. The one-part design is based on the film hinge principle so it can be assembled quickly and easily without tools. A ‘press to open’ button moulded into the case enables ready access for any adjustments needed later. The board is fixed in place on screw domes with enclosed screws. There are apertures for all the connections needed (including an SD card). The base has ventilation slots along with openings for optional wall mounting. The case is moulded from translucent mint green or raspberry red polypropylene (PP), making it easy to read LEDs. The enclosures are available in one size (95mm x 67mm x 34mm). They are supplied with four self-tapping screws for assembling the board plus four anti-slide feet for stable positioning during desktop use. Packaging is optimised for low shipping costs, says the company.

By Electropages Admin