MicroSys Electronics

Evaluate highly integrated S0Ms for industrial vehicle control on SBC

MicroSys Electronics has released a new evaluation kit for its miriac SoMs based on NXP Semiconductors S32G processor family. Sited in vehicle networks as headless controllers, the

Test & Measurement | 13-04-2023

Scalability extended on vehicle network processor-based SoMs

MicroSys Electronics has announced support for the new NXP Semiconductors S32G3 vehicle network processor, therefore, extending the scalability of the NXP S32G-based miriac SoMs fa

Automotive & Transport | 08-07-2022

Partners launch high-performance and embedded AI platform

MicroSys Electronics has partnered with AI chipmaker Hailo to launch its miriac AIP-LX2160A embedded platform hosting up to five integrated Hailo-8 AI accelerator modules. The new

Subs & Systems | 05-10-2021