Scalability extended on vehicle network processor-based SoMs

08-07-2022 | MicroSys Electronics | Automotive & Transport

MicroSys Electronics has announced support for the new NXP Semiconductors S32G3 vehicle network processor, therefore, extending the scalability of the NXP S32G-based miriac SoMs family with hugely higher real-time data processing power for mixed-critical safety applications. The new miriac MPX-S32G399A SoM surpasses its NXP S32G2-based predecessor with 2.5 times more applications processing performance due to the new processor.

Major improvements are eight Arm Cortex-A53 cores instead of just four, and four Arm Cortex-M7 from the company benefit not just from the SoMs more processor bandwidth for their safety-critical applications but also from the their inherent instant access to prototyping and extended connectivity for their dedicated use cases as well as comprehensive software support and safety documentations mandatory for certifications.

The new SoM provides multiple native CAN interfaces, as well as comprehensive FlexRay®, LIN and Ethernet support including TSN. Target markets are real-time connected vehicles, mobile machinery and automotive test and measurement equipment. Further applications include data loggers, edge gateways and fail-safe PLCs.

The NXP S32G vehicle network processor is targeted for ASIL D safety applications in OEM and Tier-1 automotive applications. MicroSys extends its application areas to SIL certifications for any market where functional safety standards analog to IEC 61508 are needed, including railway technology (EN 50155), aviation (DO-160), stationary and mobile machinery (ISO 13849), and manufacturing robots (ISO 10218), control systems (IEC 62061), and drive systems (IEC 61800‑5‑2). Approvals in the aviation context (DO-254/DO-160) can be supported with manufacturer documentation.

By Natasha Shek