Microchip Technology

New multi-zone technology for whole-home-audio and multi-room applications

Latest from Microchip is its second-generation multi-zone audio technology and a mobile app for use in whole-home-audio and multi-room applications based on the JukeBlox 4 platfo

Products | 13-04-2015

MOST150 INICs enable cost-effective smart antenna module coaxial connectivity

Microchip has announced that the MOST Cooperation has released its MOST150 Technology Coaxial Physical Layer specification. The industry-standard specification enables Microchip

Products | 26-03-2015

New family of CAN FD transceivers exceeds global automotive requirements

A new family of CAN FD (Controller Area Network Flexible Data-Rate) transceivers, the MCP2561/2FD Series has been introduced by Microchip. As an interface between a CAN protocol

Products | 25-03-2015

New 5GHz power amplifier for the IEEE 802.11ac ultra-high data-rate Wi-Fi standard

Microchip has unveiled its new SST11CP22 5 GHz power amplifier module (PAM) for the IEEE 802.11ac ultra-high data-rate Wi-Fi standard. The module delivers 19dBm linear output pow

Products | 20-03-2015

New family of 3V Serial Quad I/O (SQI) interface SuperFlash memory devices

Microchip has introduced a new family of 3V Serial Quad I/O (SQI) interface SuperFlash memory devices. The SST26VF three-member '26 Series' SQI interface family is available wit

Products | 11-03-2015

First module for ultra long-range low-power network LoRa standard

Microchip has announced the first in a series of modules for the LoRa technology low-data-rate wireless networking standard, which enables Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to

Products | 06-03-2015

Digital-to-analogue converters with non-volatile memory and I2C interface

Microchip has announced the expansion of its non-volatile digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) product line with the MCP47FEBXX Series. The low-power, single- and dual-channel DAC

Products | 04-03-2015

MCUs offer multiple independent closed-loop power channels and management

Microchip has unveiled a new family of 8-bit PIC Microcontrollers (MCUs). The PIC16(L)F1769 family is the first PIC MCU group to offer up to two independent closed-loop channels.

Products | 26-02-2015

New module makes motion monitoring easy

Microchip has unveiled the new MM7150 Motion Module which combines Microchip's SSC7150 motion co-processor with 9-axis sensors, including accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscop

Products | 25-02-2015

World's first H.264 video I/O companions optimised for MOST auto and ADAS networks

Announced as the world's first H.264 video I/O companion ICs optimised for the proven and robust Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) high-speed automotive infotainment and Ad

Products | 03-02-2015

Compact thermally-efficient power MOSFET drivers improve performance

The first power MOSFET drivers in a new product family, the MCP14A005X and MCP14A015X have been introduced by Microchip. The drivers feature an entirely new driver architecture

Products | 28-01-2015

MPLAB code development tool now supports 16-bit PIC MCUs

Microchip has announced the expansion of its MPLAB Code Configurator Plug-In to support 16-bit PIC MCUs, in addition to the 8-bit devices already supported. The code development

Products | 27-01-2015

Controller enables one-step design-in of 3D gesture recognition

Microchip announces the second member of its award-winning and patented GestIC family. The new MGC3030 3D gesture controller features simplified user-interface options focused on

Products | 23-01-2015

New serial quad I/O SuperFlash devices with 1.8V low-power 4-Mbit and 8-Mbit memory

With the introduction of the SST26WF080B and SST26WF040B, Microchip has expanded its 1.8V serial quad I/O (SQI) SuperFlash memory family. The devices offer 4-Mbit and 8-Mbit of

Products | 20-01-2015