Pre-drivers combine small size with high performance

Melexis has released new LIN BLDC-motor pre-drivers that incorporate small size with high performance and power capability for automotive mechatronic applications. The MLX81340 (32

Power | 13-12-2021

Ambient lighting taken to the next level with multi-channel LIN RGB LED controller

Melexis is strengthening the design of creative and animated automotive lighting by launching the MLX81118 multi-channel LIN RGB LED controller with 24 LED driver outputs. Able to

Automotive & Transport | 01-12-2021

New version of pump/fan driver ICs push lifetime boundaries to next level

Melexis has expanded its MLX90412 product range with the latest version of this 2.2A automotive-qualified pump/fan driver IC. It is optimised to deal with high ambient temperature

Automotive & Transport | 03-11-2021

Unique QVGA resolution ToF sensor with integrated IR bandpass filter

Melexis has produced a new version of its ToF 3D camera MLX75026 with a fully integrated infrared bandpass (IRBP) filter. By combining the IRBP, it is no longer needed to incorpora

Test & Measurement | 23-09-2021

Animated lighting greater market traction for vehicles in all segments

Melexis assists automobile manufacturers to gain a competitive edge, opening up opportunities to install animated lighting functionality to their vehicles. A blend of advanced mult

Automotive & Transport | 17-09-2021

Intelligent OLED controller for automotive applications

Melexis has developed an intelligent OLED controller that combines all of the active components needed to realise combined point LED and area OLED lighting applications inside and

Automotive & Transport | 27-07-2021

Free magnetic design simulator provides fast results with high accuracy

Melexis has launched a free online simulation tool for magnetic sensor evaluation and module design. The tool provides customers’ engineering teams with the capability to design an

Design & Manufacture | 08-07-2021

Position sensors reinvented for mainstream automotive applications

Melexis has expanded its portfolio of non-contact position sensors with two new devices which complement the current MLX90364/5/6/7 products. The MLX90421 and MLX90422 are based on

Automotive & Transport | 16-06-2021

Latest position sensor supplied in new PCB-less packages

Melexis has launched the MLX90377 single and dual-die (fully redundant) Triaxis position sensor for automotive and industrial applications with a new PCB-less package for position

Automotive & Transport | 04-06-2021

Compact and low-voltage 3D magnetometer for consumer applications

Melexis targets white goods, consumer electronics, and smart-metering applications with the MLX90392 three-axis magnetic field sensor, which can run from a 1.8V power rail shared w

Test & Measurement | 11-05-2021

RGB LED driver extends MeLiBu automotive lighting solutions

Melexis has launched the MLX81117, its latest multichannel RGB LED driver. This new device supports the MeLiBu high-speed communication licence-free IP, which facilitates intellige

Lighting Technologies | 01-04-2021

High-speed current sensor IC eases assembly and enhances stability

Melexis has released the MLX91216 XHF extra high-field current sensor, increasing the ease and accuracy of its unique IMC-Hall technology into high-current measurement for developi

Automotive & Transport | 04-02-2021

Motor driver cuts material costs in automotive mechatronic applications

Melexis offers the third generation of its LIN driver for small motors aimed at automotive mechatronic applications at up to 10W, including motor-controlled flaps and valves, and s

Power | 04-12-2020

High-accuracy pressure sensing for smart tyres

Melexis has launched the MLX91805 smart tyre sensor for tyre-pressure monitoring to include commercial vehicles and to allow future generations of smart tyres. Specially designed t

Test & Measurement | 27-11-2020