ToF sensor supports functional safety applications

Melexis strengthens its position in ToF technology via further product range expansion. The new MLX75027RTI meets the functional safety necessities of automotive and industrial cus

Test & Measurement | 26-06-2023

PCB-less pressure sensor IC platform has extended robustness to harsh media

Melexis has added two new products to its PCB-less pressure sensors family. The MLX90823 (analogue output) and MLX90825 (digital SENT output) are relative pressure sensors which ma

Test & Measurement | 11-04-2023

Expanded portfolio of high-speed inductive resolver ICs

Melexis expands its range of automotive-qualified inductive resolvers for e-motor applications (brake booster, power steering, traction motor). The MLX90517 complements the MLX9051

Semiconductors | 06-01-2023

Magnetic position sensor of the future released

The new Melexis MLX90376 is an absolute magnetic position sensor IC, handling 360-degree rotary automotive applications with strong SFI. Its dual-stacked die PCB-less version is un

Semiconductors | 15-12-2022

Versatile dual latch and switch for automotive and industrial applications

Melexis launches the MLX92352, a universal programmable three-axis latch and switch targeting relative position and speed sensing. It offers magnetic flexibility and pitch-independ

Automotive & Transport | 08-12-2022

The most accurate automotive pressure sensor currently available

Melexis has released a new series of PCB-less pressure sensor ICs that provide the highest degree of accuracy over a lifetime. Thanks to this excellent performance, the last genera

Semiconductors | 23-11-2022

Smallest all-in-one LIN driver propels relay window lifters

Melexis’ new LIN pre-driver IC for relay DC motors provides a combination of compactness, high power, and attractive pricing. The MLX81160 is the most recent addition to the compan

Power | 27-10-2022

Addressing animated light systems on automotive LED drivers

Melexis has launched its next member of the MeLiBu family, the MLX81143 LED driver. It comprises 21 LED drivers and enhances the power management of the full system. The device has

LED Displays/Opto-electronics | 20-10-2022

Free online current sensor simulator facilitates current measurement designs

The new Current Sensor Simulator from Melexis eases the design and implementation of current-sensing solutions employing the company’s proprietary IMC-Hall technology. This tool al

Design & Manufacture | 12-07-2022

The world’s first pico-resolver has the smallest footprint

Melexis has released the MLX90381 AEC-Q100/ISO 26262 compliant pico-resolver, providing ease of use and reliability to industrial and automotive applications. Its tiny DFN-6 (2mm x

Test & Measurement | 08-07-2022

Redefining the market with 3D magnetic position sensors

Melexis has expanded its portfolio of 3D magnetic position sensing solutions with the launch of the MLX9042x series. These sensors target cost-conscious automotive customers who ne

Test & Measurement | 27-06-2022

3D-magnetometer optimised for battery-powered applications

Melexis offers the MLX90397, a three-dimensional magnetometer for cost-efficient position sensing. It provides a wide supply voltage (1.7V to 3.6V), ideal for battery-powered appli

Test & Measurement | 15-06-2022

A fully integrated sensor prototype gives robots a sense of touch

Melexis has made a significant innovation to improve robots' ability to interact with fragile or diverse objects. The company has revealed Tactaxis, a fully integrated tactile sens

New Technologies | 10-02-2022

Simplified automotive electrification with high-speed inductive resolver for e-motors

Melexis has created a new inductive sensing IC intrinsically resistant to stray magnetic fields. The MLX90510 inductive interface IC allows a high-speed resolver minimising the ECU

Automotive & Transport | 05-01-2022