Wearable health sensor platform could save six months of design time

02-10-2018 | Maxim | Test & Measurement

Designers endeavouring to continuously monitor various health parameters can now quickly produce unique, very accurate wearable solutions using Health Sensor Platform 2.0 (HSP 2.0) from Maxim Integrated Products. This next-generation rapid prototyping, evaluation and dev platform, also known as MAXREFDES101#, provides the capability to monitor ECG, heart rate and body temperature to a wrist-worn wearable, which can save up to six months in development time. Contained in a watch casing, the wrist-based form factor allows the device to implement basic functionality out of the box, with body-monitoring measurements starting immediately. Data can be stored on the platform for patient evaluation or streamed to a PC for analysis later. Unlike other wearables, the data measurements obtained by the platform can be owned by the wearer, alleviating data privacy concerns and enabling users to conduct their own data analysis. Also, because the system is an open platform, designers can evaluate their own algorithms on the board. Also, the modular format is future proof to quickly include new sensors over time.