Authenticator IC offers SHA3-256 cryptographic engine to stop counterfeiting and cloning

23-10-2018 | Maxim | New Technologies

Embedded systems designers can now simply and cost-effectively combine what is claimed to be the industry’s most advanced crypto-strong authentication into their designs with the DS28E50 DeepCover secure hash algorithm 3 (SHA3-256) authenticator IC from Maxim Integrated Products. With the solution, the device offers the latest technology for challenge-and-response authentication, giving the strongest defence against counterfeiting, unauthorised usage and other application problems in a secure IC solution ideal for teams with limited or no cryptography expertise. Embedded systems are continuing to come under attack by ever more sophisticated hackers. Developers are looking to protect product integrity against aftermarket counterfeits and strengthen guarantees that sensors inside these devices are genuine and not poor clones. The device offers embedded system developers the advanced ability to stop counterfeiting, aftermarket cloning and unauthorised use of smart, connected industrial, medical and consumer devices. As well as providing the SHA3-256 authentication IC, the device also integrates the company's patented ChipDNA physically unclonable function (PUF) technology to stop the IC-level attacks that are regularly attempted on security ICs. With this technology, which is derived from the naturally occurring random analog characteristics of fundamental MOSFET devices, secret keys that protect all DS28E50 stored data are generated only when required and are never stored on the chip.