Digital class D speaker amplifiers deliver high efficiency in a compact, plug-and-play solution

17-05-2018 | Maxim | Power

Maxim Integrated Products helps designers achieve highest efficiency in a compact, cost-efficient plug-and-play solution with the MAX98357 and MAX98358 digital-input Class D audio power amplifiers. Notwithstanding their ultra-small form factors, these amplifiers provide 3.2W of Class AB audio performance for high audio quality and are perfect for a wide variety of applications. The amplifiers decrease overall solution size by taking advantage of the company's clever pin-out and by reducing the number of required components in comparison to typical analogue amplifier designs. As most users control their volume digitally upstream, these options enable customers to take advantage of the company's cost-effective WLP without the requirement for expensive VIAs. For higher audio quality, they offer a digital input for noise immunity, along with high jitter tolerance. They also give superior EMI performance and enable the use of longer traces to the speakers without extra external filtering. Also, they provide what is claimed to be the highest Class D efficiency in the industry.