Kyocera AVX

Newly developed high-quality displays for medical use

Kyocera Automotive and Industrial Solutions provides highly technological displays ideal for medical use. For this application, the standard displays sized 5.7", 10.4" as well as 1

Subs & Systems | 21-07-2020

Ultra-small robust ceramic UHF RFID Tags for tool tracking in the aerospace industry

In the Aerospace industry, safety issues have special importance. In case of MRO services of aircraft and spaceships, any object that is not where it is supposed to presents a high

Semiconductors | 15-08-2018

New connectors offer automated and visual checks to prevent misalignment

Kyocera has released its new 0.5mm-pitch FPC and FFC electronic connectors with improved QA checks – both visual and AOI – to prevent misalignment. The company's new 6892 Series co

Products | 08-08-2018

New ultra-small robust ceramic UHF RFID tag for the medical market

Kyocera provides small and robust UHF RFID tags consisting of ceramic packages with a proprietary multilayer structure as well as a built-in RFID antenna that can extend the read r

Products | 21-06-2018

New air-cooled UV curing light is small, light and powerful

Kyocera Corporation has developed a new air-cooled UV-LED curing light that it claims is not only the world’s most powerful, but also the world’s smallest. The new Kyocera G5A Seri

Products | 03-04-2018

New electronic connectors feature one-touch locking for automated assembly processes

Kyocera Corporation has launched its first electronic connectors to feature one-touch locking. Their new 6810 Series FPC and FFC connectors provide automatic locking upon full inse

Products | 06-07-2017

LCD for industrial applications features advanced wide viewing technology

The Japanese technology group Kyocera has introduced a new 6.2” LCD with advance wide view technology that is designed for industrial devices. The new LCD with a 16:6 format and ex

Products | 24-03-2017

Latest 5.7-inch TFT module targets portable industrial devices

Particularly suitable for use in portable devices, a new 5.7-inch VGA TFT module (4:3) has been introduced by Kyocera. Devices for industrial applications are following the trend o

Subs & Systems | 27-09-2016

New industrial /medical TFT-LCDs with projected capacitive touchscreens

Latest from Kyocera are three new TFT-LCDs with projected capacitive touchscreens (PCAP) that offer an ideal user interface for a wide variety of industrial applications such as me

Subs & Systems | 03-02-2016

New touch feeling technology for real button feeling

Kyocera has introduced a newly patented technology in Europe for real touch feeling and force feedback in display screens. The development of a real button sensation is expected to

New Technologies | 28-08-2015

Innovative TFT LCDs show bright colours clearly - even in intense sunlight

Kyocera has extended its product range with two new next-generation LCDs. The innovative TFT LCDs show bright colours clearly, even in intense sunlight. This makes them ideal for i

Products | 28-05-2015

Small-format LCDs with increased temperature range for industrial applications

Latest from Kyocera is news of the expansion of its range of LCDs with two new small-format 4.2-inch and 5-inch TFT modules. Both modules are designed for use in harsh environment

Products | 24-03-2015