High-CV MLCCs for high-reliability defence applications

21-02-2023 | Kyocera AVX | Passives

KYOCERA AVX has announced that its MIL-PRF-32535 BME NP0 MLCCs have been approved to the DLA QPD.

The new MLCCs provide higher CV capabilities than standard surface-mount PME MLCCs qualified to defence and aerospace specifications and are currently available in 'M' and 'T' reliability levels and 0402, 0603, and 0805 case sizes and rated for 68–1,500pF and 4–100V. These small, high-CV MLCCs facilitate reductions in revolutionary board space, weight, and component count. They also feature the company's patented FLEXITERM termination technology, which, compared to standard terminations, greatly improves resistance to the thermomechanical stresses experienced throughout assembly and operation.

The MLCCs are approved for usage in high-reliability defence and aerospace applications, including filtering, tuning, timing, decoupling, and blocking circuits.

"We have been honing and perfecting best-in-class BME MLCC technology since the 1990s and are proud to further extend our portfolio of tested and proven high-CV solutions qualified for use in high-reliability defence and aerospace applications," said Michael Conway, product and marketing manager – High-Reliability Components, KYOCERA AVX. "The new MIL-PRF-32535 BME NP0 series is the latest development in our enduring mission to meet our high-rel customers' needs. It satisfies a growing demand for smaller, high-CV, defence-qualified capacitor technology, and we will continue to expand this product range and this portfolio to meet the ever-evolving demands of the global military and aerospace industry."

For prototype and verification designs, the company recommends using its Engineering Module (EM) Range X7R BME MLCCs for non-flight prototypes. This series covers capacitors in the ESCC 3009041, NASA S311-P838, and MIL 32535 ranges. It employs the same materials as the fully qualified part numbers, just without the final DLA and ESCC testing and screening processes and QPD/QPL listings, so it is offered with shorter lead times.

By Seb Springall