New high-performance OCXO products

28-07-2023 | Kyocera AVX | Semiconductors

KYOCERA AVX has launched its first OCXO products. The new high-performance products are the latest addition to its line of frequency control solutions.

The OCXOs are widely employed in applications including network infrastructure, backhaul communications, test and measurement systems, industrial equipment, medical equipment, such as MRIs, defence equipment, aerospace equipment, such as satcom up and down converters and defence and commercial drones, oil and gas sensors, precision timing and clock sources, and GPS precision timing devices.

The new KOV Series standard voltage-controlled OCXOs and KLN Series low-noise voltage-controlled OCXOs use modern layout topologies and robust designs that provide outstanding performance in these and other applications and enable customers to attain a super stable frequency in the form of a sinewave or a super stable timing source in the form of a CMOS clock output. The series OCXOs display high stability over a wide range of operating temperatures (10–50MHz ±5ppb and 50–120MHz ±10ppb from -40C to +85C), low jitter, which results in exceptional stability and permits customers to employ them as the primary frequency source in their RF chain, and low phase noise and outstanding ageing characteristics, with very little frequency deviation over more than 20 years of continuous operation. They are obtainable in multiple through-hole and surface-mount package sizes and with two output types: sine and CMOS/TTL. The series is also REACH and RoHS compliant, and several variants comply with Export Administration Regulation 99 (EAR99) and ITAR/EAR 3A001.b.10.

KOV Series standard voltage-controlled OCXOs provide a wide frequency range, extending from 10–120MHz, have a quick warm-up time, and display low phase noise (e.g. 120dBc/Hz at 10Hz offset and -145dBc/Hz at 1kHz offset, with a 10MHz centre frequency). They are currently offered in five surface-mount package sizes (9mm × 14mm, 14-pin DIP, 20mm × 20mm, 22mm × 25mm, and 25mm x 25mm) rated for 3.3V or 5V supply voltages and are ideal for use in 5G picocell applications in addition to the applications above. Shipping options include tape and reel, and bulk packaging.

KLN Series low-noise voltage-controlled OCXOs offer a wide frequency range, extending from 10–150MHz, tolerate micro-vibrations, and display excellent low-g acceleration sensitivity (<0.3ppb/G on the worst axis), superior frequency stability, and three different levels of low- to ultra-low phase noise (e.g. 130dBc/Hz at 10Hz offset and -166dBc/Hz offset for 'A' level phase noise with a 10MHz centre frequency). They are obtainable in three surface-mount package sizes (14-pin DIP, 20mm x 20mm, and 25mm x 25mm) rated for 5V or 12V supply voltages and shipped in bulk packaging. Also, they are ideal for high-performance defence equipment, such as missile and radar systems, autonomous vehicles, and phase-locked microwave applications.

"The new KYOCERA AVX OCXOs are based on our proven technology and backed by our high-performance heritage in the frequency control solutions industry, and they complement the robust KYOCERA Corporation crystal product line produced in Japan," said Kio Ariumi, senior vice president, KYOCERA AVX. "Although OCXOs are widely available in today's market, they're typically produced by crystal-exclusive companies. KYOCERA AVX, on the other hand, offers a wide range of complementary product lines, including MLCCs, tantalum/polymer capacitors, antennas, connectors, and sensors, that provide added value for OCXO customers."


By Seb Springall