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Latest technology enables world’s highest-bandwidth oscilloscopes

Keysight Technologies has announced a technological breakthrough for building the world’s highest-bandwidth oscilloscopes with the successful turn-on of chipsets that take advantag

New Technologies | 02-03-2016

Two new ranges of rugged long battery life handheld DMMs

Keysight Technologies has announced two new ranges of handheld digital multimeters (DMMs). In addition to offering the capabilities and measurement functions needed for the electro

Test & Measurement | 11-11-2015

World’s only 50GHz PXIe vector signal analyzer

Keysight Technologies has introduced what it believes to be a world first - a 50GHz frequency extension to the M9393A PXIe performance vector signal analyzer (VSA), providing frequ

Test & Measurement | 28-10-2015

Industry's fastest arbitrary waveform generator

Keysight Technologies has added a 92GSa/s, 32GHz modular instrument to its portfolio of arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs). The M8196A supports leading-edge research for 100Gb/s,

Test & Measurement | 18-09-2015

Highest-performance PXIe multiport vector network analyzer

Introduced as the industry's highest performance PXIe multiport vector network analyzer, the M9485A has been unveiled by Keysight Technologies. The instrument is designed for high-

Test & Measurement | 04-09-2015

Compact power supplies for accurate and reliable bench testing

Design and validation engineers need to power their devices under test (DUTs) safely and easily during manual tests or automated sequences. They are frequently under pressure to

Products | 02-09-2015

Photovoltaic array simulators for improved solar power production

To help engineers develop, verify and maximize the performance of inverter maximum power point tracking algorithms and circuits, Keysight Technologies has introduced two new photov

Test & Measurement | 01-09-2015

Optional real-time spectrum analysis for MXE EMI receivers

Keysight Technologies has announced the availability of real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA) as an option for its standards-compliant MXE EMI receiver. Adding RTSA to an MXE enable

Products | 05-08-2015

Battery life test solution for UE acceptance

Keysight Technologies has announced that it is working with W2BI on a battery life test solution for UE acceptance. W2BI is an Advantest Group company and a global leader in wire


World's smallest BGA interposer solution for probing DDR4 x16 designs

Keysight Technologies has introduced a ball grid array (BGA) interposer solution for testing DDR4 x16 DRAM (dynamic random access memory) designs with a logic analyzer. Using the

Products | 08-07-2015

Industry's first modular stimulus response measurement solution

Keysight Technologies has announced the release of four new M9290A CXA-m PXIe signal analyzer tracking generator options. The CXA-m signal analyzer, with a built-in tracking gene

Products | 03-07-2015

Latest enhancements to EXM wireless test set now supports more IoT

Keysight Technologies has announced new WLAN 802.11ah and 802.11af capabilities for the EXM wireless test set. The EXM now supports more Internet-of-Things (IoT) wireless devices

Products | 29-06-2015

New scope capabilities improve CAN FD protocol debugging efficiency

Keysight has introduced ISO CAN FD (controller area network with flexible data rate) decoding and triggering for its InfiniiVision 4000 and 3000T X-Series oscilloscopes. The new

Products | 08-06-2015

Modular high-speed 32-channel digitizer offers highest available density

Keysight Technologies has introduced the M9709A 8-bit high-speed digitizer, providing 32 synchronous channels of 1GS/s sampling in a single module. The M9709A, the industry’s highe

Products | 07-05-2015