Keysight Technologies

Versatile performance options for fast power supplies

Keysight Technologies has introduced four new performance options for its small, flexible and market-leading fast Advanced Power System (APS) N6900 Series DC power supplies. In c

Products | 24-04-2015

Boundary scan analyzer will support Intel Skylake microarchitecture

Keysight Technologies has announced its x1149 boundary scan analyzer will expand its coverage capabilities to test the upcoming Intel microarchitecture codenamed Skylake. The

Products | 21-04-2015

Latest LCR meter provides low-frequency impedance testing

Keysight Technologies has introduced three low-frequency options for its E4982A LCR meter. With the new options, the E4982A is well suited to RF inductor, coil and EMI filter man

Products | 13-04-2015

New test benches solve simulation-measurement correlation challenge

Keysight Technologies has introduced the Advanced Design System PCI Express and USB Compliance Test Benches, which enable a complete workflow for SerDes engineers, from simulatio

Products | 09-04-2015

New 6½ and 7½ digit digital multimeters offer more to the test engineer

Keysight Technologies has introduced two Truevolt Series digital multimeters (DMMs) – the Keysight 34465A DMM (6½ digit) and the Keysight 34470A DMM (7½ digit). The new DMMs hel

Products | 03-03-2015

Fastest BGA interposer solution for probing DDR4 x16 designs with a logic analyzer

Keysight Technologies has introduced a new ball grid array (BGA) interposer solution for testing DDR4 x16 DRAM designs with a logic analyzer. The interposer solution provides fas

Products | 18-02-2015

PAM-4 analysis capability for 86100D DCA-X Series oscilloscopes

Designed to help engineers quickly and accurately characterize PAM-4 (pulse amplitude modulation with four amplitude levels) signals using its 86100D DCA-X wide-bandwidth oscillo

Products | 30-01-2015

FPGA development kit expanded for full range of high-speed digitizers

Keysight Technologies has introduced an updated version of its U5340A FPGA development kit. The new version allows for expanded deployment of on-board IP signal processing across t

Products | 12-01-2015

First mainstream scopes with capacitive touch screens and zone triggering

Keysight Technologies has introduced the InfiniiVision 3000T X-Series of digital-storage and mixed signal oscilloscopes with intuitive graphical triggering capability. The new os

Products | 09-01-2015