Optional real-time spectrum analysis for MXE EMI receivers

05-08-2015 | Keysight Technologies | Test & Measurement

Keysight Technologies has announced the availability of real-time spectrum
analysis (RTSA) as an option for its standards-compliant MXE EMI receiver.
Adding RTSA to an MXE enables test labs to observe and diagnose transient
and wideband emissions during electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) compliance
and pre-compliance testing.

With RTSA, engineers can more easily see and understand high-speed transient
signals that are difficult to capture with traditional spectrum or signal
analyzers. This is especially useful in applications such as radar,
automotive and wireless communications that often experience fast-moving,
short-duration emissions.

In RTSA mode, the MXE can provide real-time analysis bandwidth up to 85MHz
below 3.6GHz and up to 40MHz above 3.6GHz, ensuring image-free, over-the-air
diagnostics that enable faster, easier analysis of emissions. RTSA offers
100 percent probability of capture for signals with durations greater than
3.7 µs when viewing with an 85MHz span.

“This release is further evidence of our commitment to providing powerful
compliance and diagnostic tools for EMC testing,” said Nana Amoa, product
marketing manager of Keysight’s Microwave and Communications Division. “In
the lab and on the bench, the MXE provides the accuracy, repeatability,
reliability and frequency coverage needed to keep test queues flowing.”

Frequency mask trigger (FMT) capability is also included with RTSA, allowing
users to confidently trigger on signals with durations as short as 17.4 µs.
In addition, time-qualified triggering capability further enhances FMT by
simplifying the task of finding pulse outliers or triggering on specific
communications bursts.

RTSA is an upgradeable option on new and existing MXE EMI receivers as well
as UXA, PXA and MXA X-Series signal analyzers. Adding RTSA enables engineers
to see, capture and understand the most elusive signals, known or unknown.
For deeper analysis, engineers can combine a real-time X-Series signal
analyzer with Keysight 89600 VSA software to create a solution that enables
thorough characterization of today’s most complex signals.

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