Industrial-grade silicon carbide MOSFET enables higher power density

11-04-2023 | Diodes Inc | Power

Diodes Incorporated has introduced its latest addition to the portfolio of SiC products: the DMWS120H100SM4 N-channel SiC MOSFET. This device meets the higher efficiency and power density demand for applications, including industrial motor drives, data centre and telecom power supplies, solar inverters, DC-DC converters, and EV battery chargers.

The device functions at a high voltage (1200V) and drain current (up to 37A) while sustaining low thermal conductivity (RθJC = 0.6C/W), making it ideal for applications working in harsh environments. This MOSFET has a low RDS(ON) (typical) of just 80mOhm (for a 15V gate drive) to minimise conduction losses and supply higher efficiency. Also, the device has a gate charge of just 52nC to decrease switching losses and lower the package temperature.

This device is the first SiC MOSFET available in a TO247-4 package. The extra Kelvin sense pin can be connected to the source of the MOSFET to optimise the switching performance, thereby allowing even higher power densities.

By Seb Springall