Power supply reference designs solve railway-specific surge-protection challenges

30-08-2019 | Dengrove | Power

Two new RECOM railway power supply reference designs offered now by Dengrove Electronic Components, resolve engineering challenges which include filter layout for EN 50121-3-2 EMC compliance and surge prevention satisfying the UK RIA12 specification.

The R-REF04-RIA12-1 board is aimed at high-voltage applications up to 110V, while the R-REF04-RIA12-2 is constructed to handle DC input current up to 10A. Both are input-side fused and can be employed with single-output DC-DC converters up to 45A. The boards offer a universal pinout for 2” x 1”, quarter-brick and half-brick standard case sizes, providing users with the flexibility to pick from converters of multiple power ratings up to 240W.

RIA12 surge protection is offered to utilise an active input-voltage clamp featuring a surge-stopper IC, which acts swiftly to block surge voltages up to 385VDC. The clamp circuit also gives inrush current limiting. The boards offer a nominal value of hold-up capacitance, with connectors to add additional capacitance if needed. The input, output, and hold-up connections emphasise easy-to-use cage-clamp terminals, and there are isolated connections for fan power and system enable.

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