Astute Electronics

Waterproof connectors with proprietary epoxy sealing process

Astute Electronics has introduced the E-Seal range of waterproof connectors from Canadian company EDAC. They use a proprietary epoxy sealing process that seals the entire back of t

Products | 25-05-2016

Range of waterproof connectors for connecting sensors and displays in marine vessels

Astute Electronics, a supplier of electronic components and value added services, has introduced the NMEA 2000 range of connectors from Amphenol LTW Technology. They come in micro,

Products | 17-05-2016

High-performance micro-circular connectors weigh less than 2g

Suitable for unmanned aerial vehicles, surveillance cameras and robotics Nicomatic's OMM Series 8 micro-circular board-to-cable connectors are now available from Astute Electronics

Products | 10-05-2016

Top-actuated SMT switches suit wearables and keyless entry systems

Taking miniaturisation to a new level, C&K's PTS830 series of SMT top-actuated switches, which offer a high actuation force of up to 450gf, are now available from Astute Electron

Products | 09-05-2016

Low-power 24-bit analogue-to-digital converter integrates filter

Astute Electronics has announced it now stocks the Linear Technology LTC2380-24 24bit low-power SAR analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) with integrated digital filter. It is a low-

Semiconductors | 03-05-2016

Easier access to wide range of high-performance connectors

Astute Electronics has signed a stocking franchise distribution agreement with I-PEX, a Dai-ichi Seiko company that designs and manufactures small form factor precision connector

Products | 22-04-2016

Comprehensive range of waterproof connectors suits many demanding needs

Astute Electronics has signed a franchise distribution deal covering the UK and Ireland with Amphenol LTW Technology, a leading supplier of rugged and harsh-environment waterproo

Products | 21-03-2016

New low-power high-contrast 1.7M dot full-colour OLED micro-display

Ideal for diverse applications where clear, crisp, sharp image quality is required while minimizing cost, power consumption and space, Astute Electronics has announced availability

Subs & Systems | 15-09-2015

Miniature connectors can mix signal and power contacts

Astute Electronics now stocks Positronic's comprehensive Dragonfly range of reliable, miniature connectors with power and / or signal contacts. Configurable with size 16, 20 or

Products | 27-07-2015

Waterproof mixed power and signal Combo-D connectors

Astute Electronics is now stocking a new waterproof version of Positronic's Combo-D mixed power / signal connector family. The WCBD Series connectors maintain a rating of IP67 ma

Products | 20-07-2015

Disposable connectors for medical applications

Designed to be disposable after a small number of uses Fischer connectors and cable assemblies for medical device manufacturers are now available from Astute Electronics. The

Products | 10-06-2015

Miniature near-eye OLED displays provide sharp images even in low light

Astute has announced the signing of a worldwide franchise agreement with high-definition low-power OLED display specialist MICROOLED. The OLED displays target near-eye display (

Products | 18-05-2015

High-density LGA solderless open-field vertical compression connectors

Astute Electronics is stocking Airborn Electronics' new RZ Series of high-density LGA solderless open-field connectors. The RZ Series features a patented Z-axis contact system a

Products | 28-04-2015

Crystals, oscillators and filters added to growing portfolio

Astute Electronics has signed a worldwide franchise distribution agreement with Euroquartz, the independent UK-based manufacturer and supplier of quartz crystals, oscillators, fi

Products | 26-03-2015