Miniature near-eye OLED displays provide sharp images even in low light

18-05-2015 | Astute Electronics | Subs & Systems

Astute has announced the signing of a worldwide franchise agreement with high-definition low-power OLED display specialist MICROOLED. The OLED displays target near-eye display (NED) applications such as video glasses, head-mounted sports devices, camera viewfinders, medical applications and many other professional devices. MICROOLED's low voltage device architecture features a unique sub-pixel arrangement resulting in highest pixel density and lowest power. The display's design provides ultra-high contrast, ensuring 'black is black' which is essential for high image quality. Unlike other displays, no 'grid matrix' is visible, further improving resolution, and the manufacturing technology enables a wide viewing angle with no loss in contrast or changes in colour. Power consumption is typically two or three times less than competing products extending battery life, and response time is under one microsecond, ensuring blur-free images, even of fast-moving objects, says the company. Commenting, Mike Blee, marketing manager, Astute Electronics, said: "We are extremely excited to be able to bring these products to the worldwide market. Head-mounted displays, high-end microscopes, electronic viewfinders, augmented reality applications, firemen's helmets - there are so many applications that will benefit from the technology. Although these displays require a very high level of technical support to design-in, we have already identified two projects within our customer base and have evaluation kits which demonstrate this technology extremely well."

By Electropages Admin