New low-power high-contrast 1.7M dot full-colour OLED micro-display

15-09-2015 | Astute Electronics | Subs & Systems

Ideal for diverse applications where clear, crisp, sharp image quality is required while minimizing cost, power consumption and space, Astute Electronics has announced availability of Microoled's MDP01, a 1.7 million dot full-colour OLED micro-display.

Microoled is a pioneer in the field of small, high-definition, low power OLED displays that target near-eye display (NED) applications such as head-up displays, sports devices, camera viewfinders, medical applications and many other professional devices. The company's low voltage device architecture features a unique sub-pixel arrangement resulting in highest pixel density and lowest power.

The MDP01 micro-display measures just 12.44mm x 11.97mm and has an active area of 8.73mm x 5mm (9.65mm diagonal). Power consumption is just 25mW in video mode. Resolution is 873 x 500 pixels, contrast is typically 100,000:1 and luminance is full colour RGBB: up to 250cd/m²; 75fL. Response time is under one microsecond, says the company.

Commenting, Mike Blee, marketing manager, Astute Electronics, said: "The MDP01 provides ultra-high contrast, ensuring 'black is black' which is essential for high image quality. No 'grid matrix' is visible, further improving resolution, and the manufacturing technology enables a wide viewing angle with no loss in contrast or changes in colour."

By Craig Dyball